What is a Sooner?

What is a nooner? No, not that. But I'm sure many of us know what a nooner is. If you don't, just Google it.

The word I'm saying is, "SOONER". Sooner. As in the Oklahoma Sooners. You know, the football team Iowa State is: 5-69-2 against all time.

Yeah, that's bad. But OU has Bob Stoops. Nobody can rock the visor like that guy!

As we all know, we are welcoming the #12 Oklahoma Sooners from Norman, Oklahoma. It is obvious that ISU has been torn apart by the Oklahoma football program year after year. The last win being in 1990. Yawozers!

And this year proves no easy task against the Sooners once again. I tend to not be the greatest at predicting games, so rather than stats, I figured... Why not do a little research about the history behind a team coming to Ames that has been known for thrashing us. So here's the answer to the question you all deep down are wondering.

Settlers moved west ward across the Mighty Mississippi when the new land was discovered. Caulk the wagon and float! (Oregon Trail reference). The famous Lousianna Purchase made this possible, and later followed by the Homestead Act implemented by Abe Lincoln. As settlers settled into our home state of Iowa, there was still much land between Iowa and California unsettled. Oklahoma was an unsettled territory, famously known as "Indian Territory". The state is still very big into the rich Native American heritage. The Homstead Act stated this: provided that a legal settler could claim 160 acres of public land, and those who lived on and improved the claim for five years, could receive title of that land. Cause, hell, it's Oklahoma. Almost as boring as Nebraska... and Kansas!

April 22nd, 1889, was a historical day of chaos. A pistol was fired at high noon and settlers could make their claim of free land and begin a new life. This is a direct quote from (Citing my work, not plagiarism. I gave you credit):

One of the few rules to claiming land was that all participants were to start at the same time. Those who went too soon were called "Sooners". Sooners were often deputy marshals, land surveyors, railroad employees, and others who were able to legally enter the territory early to mark out choice pieces of land for themselves or others.

This is when the Sooner name stuck. A sooner was a person recognized as being self-motivated, progressive, and energetic. Which was an icon of newly founded American West. What I think is cool is that Oklahoma's nickname pertains to their history. I was thinking about other schools in Div. 1, but I couldn't really think of any so iconic to their state. Cyclones (if in a tornado aspect), fits the state well. Although I love Cy, he is a cardinal. And that's not even our state bird.

This was just a little history lesson about the Oklahoma Sooners and how they obtained their nickname. The link below goes to the "Sooner Schooner" which is a covered wagon pulled by horses at OU football games. Once again, this displays the history of the state. And I just had to add a second link of an attempt to display your school... good god almighty OU...

Thanks to for the information.

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