They're Mentioning Chizik Over at the Bears Site

Over at Windy City Gridiron, they're talking about the Best Coach to Replace Lovie Smith. Writer Kay does a good job, first breaking down coaching styles, then pairing up current head coaches and potential matches that work well together, like Mike McCarthy of Green Bay and his Defensive Coordinator, Dom Capers.

In one of these pairings, he suggests Gene Chizik.

I like pro football overall, and while the main team I follow is the Green Bay Packers, I live in Northwest Indiana, and so I'm able to listen to WSCR, "The Score" on 670 AM. I enjoy the analysis and overall entertainment provided by the different shows on this station that focuses 90% of the time strictly on Chicago sports. I've become more interested in the drama and psychology involved with this team and how that appears to affect the outcomes of the games.

Going into the 2012 season, I didn't really see how the Bears improved, other than landing Brandon Marshall. The sieve of an Offensive Line they ended the season with was still in place, and their aging defense did not appear to be helped by the first round choice of Boise State's Shane McLellan (drafted to play LINEMAN) when there were other D-Line guys who appeared to have been better choices.

But then I forgot about Lovie Smith's luck of drawing a weak schedule, and this propelled the Bears to a 7-1 start, the week before they played the Texans. After that loss, the Bears were 7-2 and had only beaten one team with a winning record (The Colts). Since then, the Bears have moved to a 9-6 record, and can still reach the playoffs if they beat Detroit and the Vikings lose at home against the Packers this weekend. The Packers are currently playing for a week one playoff bye, so that won't be easy.

With what I've heard on The Score, I believe that if Lovie Smith gets into the playoffs, he will keep his job. Some Bears fans believe that he will only keep his job if he goes deep into the playoffs. I have seen the slow decision making of Bears management, and believe that the McCaskey's are far too involved. I think Phil Emery is still second to Lovie in the McCaskey's eyes. Should the Bears make the playoffs, I think Mike Tice becomes Lovie's latest OC sacrifice (after all, he can point to how he's more of a defensive coach, and with the age of the defense and the injuries to the defense, he still made the playoffs). This would mean there would be an opening for an Offensive Coordinator; some new blood.

When you consider this, I am not sure how well Gene Chizik would fit into the Bear's scheme. One of the comments in the post regarding Chizik at Iowa State states, "Had some small measures of success and then bolted." I don't know that I would consider anything that lead to a W/L record of 5-19 ANY measure of success. In fact, I wouldn't wish this guy and his attitude towards hard work (who, according to an announcer during ISU's last game of the season against WVU, said, "This job sucks.") of the game on anyone.

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