Big 12 Outlook for Feb. 13 - Feb. 19

FORT WORTH, TX - OCTOBER 10: Texas Christian University sophomore Zach Boring (L), and freshman Laura Dunn raise a Big XII Conference banner before a press conference in which TCU accepted an invention to join the Big XII on October 10, 2011 in Fort Worth, Texas. (Photo by Brandon Wade/Getty Images)

Despite dropping a winnable game in Stillwater, Iowa State is still movin' on up, Jeffersons-style, in the Big 12. The Cyclones are now tied with Baylor for third place in the Big 12. It's more for bragging rights at this point (unless you think we just go balls out and get in the top two of the league) because there's not a very high chance we don't face one of Kansas State or Texas in the quarterfinals of the Big 12 tournament. They're pretty much our destiny. Oh, and for whatever it's worth, everyone from Oklahoma State on down is eliminated from winning the conference title. So there's that.

Big 12 Conference Standings

Conf Overall
Missouri Tigers 10 2 23 2
Kansas Jayhawks 10 2 20 5
Baylor Bears 8 4 21 4
Iowa St. Cyclones 8 4 18 7
Kansas St. Wildcats 6 6 17 7
Texas Longhorns 6 6 16 9
Oklahoma St. Cowboys 5 7 12 13
Texas A&M Aggies 3 9 12 12
Oklahoma Sooners 3 9 13 11
Texas Tech Red Raiders 1 11 8 16

Monday, February 13

Iowa State @ Baylor (ESPNU) 6 PM

Kansas @ Kansas State (ESPN) 8 PM

Tuesday, February 14

Texas A&M @ Texas Tech (ESPN2) 6 PM

Texas @ Oklahoma (Big 12 Network) 7 PM

Wednesday, February 15

Oklahoma State @ Missouri (ESPN2) 8 PM

Saturday, February 18

Oklahoma @ Iowa State (Big 12 Network) 12:30 PM

Kansas State @ Baylor (Big 12 Network) 12:30 PM

Missouri @ Texas A&M (ESPN) 1 PM

Texas @ Oklahoma State (Big 12 Network) 3 PM

Texas Tech @ Kansas (Big 12 Network) 7 PM

Bonus Big 12 Games

UNLV @ TCU (mtn.) 6:30 PM - February 14

West Virginia @ Pittsburgh (ESPN) 8 PM - February 16

TCU @ Boise State (mtn.) 3 PM - February 18

  • Missouri has an easier slate than Kansas this week, but both teams will likely go 2-0. If Kansas State was playing better this year, I'd feel better about their chances, but they're not. It won't be easy, sure, but Kansas is easily the better team.
  • Baylor's week is a little more tough. Iowa State will be tough, and despite what I just said about Kansas State, they are certainly a more physically tough team. Baylor actually has a lot to prove this week. They're having some issues lately. This won't be the easiest week to sort them out.
  • It's another big week for our little Kansas State and Texas duo as well. As mentioned, the Wildcats have Kansas and Baylor, and 1-1 is a stretch for them. Texas tours the state of Oklahoma, and while it's certainly an easier slate, it's not a stretch to see them dropping a contest, especially in Stillwater. Both teams are firmly on the bubble and need to have a good week. I'm expecting to see Texas in fifth place in a week.
  • If Oklahoma State wants to gain any traction, they need to upset Texas. Don't see them winning in Columbia.
  • If you're a glutton for bad basketball, for some reason the Texas A&M-Texas Tech game is on ESPN2. Select your favorite beer and watch if so inclined.

Top five games of the week:

  1. Iowa State @ Baylor
  2. Kansas @ Kansas State
  3. Kansas State @ Baylor
  4. Texas @ Oklahoma State
  5. Texas @ Oklahoma

The games that should be good are over on Monday. After that, in terms of pivotal games, the pickins are slim. Big week for Kansas State and Texas.

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