Scarlet and Black vs Cardinal and Gold

TTU vs ISU, a win will almost surely put the Cyclones in the top 25 while a loss can put the Cyclones at the bottom of the Big 12 for good. We have seen some mistakes that we can definitely do without. Turnovers have been an nightmare issue for ISU this year and have cost the team 30+ points so far. ISU's defense has looked tgreat and has done an amazing job in allowing 0 touchdowns the past 2 games, only allowing 16 points in the past 11 quarters of play. I have been reading the "Conversation" at ESPN today about the TTU and ISU game and I couldn't not take the time and offer my 2 cents about this upcoming game in Ames.

The numbers kind of scare me. Yeah, this TTU team has been somewhat untested, playing a schedule that's about as soft as Mary Ferentz's tits, but they still have been putting up some overly impressive numbers. Any team that can score 50 points per game, drop an average of almost 600 yards of offense per game while only allowing an average of 10 points per game is a damn fine football team. So here's the big question, how good are those teams that TTU has steam-rolled?

We're looking at Northwestern State (never heard of them until this year), Texas State, and New Mexico. I really don't know much about these teams other than they aren't BCS teams and they aren't very good. New Mexico scored 14 on TTU while Texas held New Mexico to zero. Texas State only has the one loss to Texas Tech but the other 2 schools that Texas State beat have no wins against schools bigger than D2. Northwestern State is comparable to Western Illinois which about sums that up, so what does all this mean??

While it is easy to point the finger and say that the TTU domination means little, I disagree. Its tough to score at will like it seems TTU is able to, no matter who you play. ISU played Western Illinois and didnt put numbers up like TTU did and so its tough for me to discount what TTU has done so far this year. No matter how you look at it, TTU dominated on both sides of the ball in its first 3 wins. Now I'm not saying that this is replicable in B12 play, but I am saying it shows what TTU is capable of.

Now to comment on the ESPN chatter. A lot of trolling over there in Ubbenland but Tech is coming out pretty confident. They think that there is something "special" about their team, in which I would be most inclined to agree, but all football teams wear helmets. I saw a lot of predictions like 52-17 TTU and even more like 36-10 TTU. Every ISU fan picked a close game to go in favor of the Cyclones and I tend to agree that this game is going to be tight. Another thing getting brought up over there is the past. Yes, Iowa State parted the Red-Raider sea last year and ran the football straight over their Scarlet and Black nut sacks. Does that mean much this year? Maybe, maybe not. Does the fact that Iowa State held Oklahoma State to 24 points in regulation and TTU gave up 66 points to the Cowboys mean that ISU's defense is better? Maybe, maybe not. I dont think that this weekends game is going to come down to what we THINK WE KNOW, but rather will come down to what we DON'T KNOW.

Either team has the weapons and I think that no matter what people are saying on ESPN, they are closely matched. I would say that the depth of the TTU offense and their production capabilities are daunting, but ISU's defense is really coming together; minus a less than perfect 1st quarter performance against Tulsa, ISU's defense is only allowing an average of 1.5 points per quarter. This could be the week that Shontrelle Johnson hits his stride. ISU has had great success in the past with running the ball and I would like to imagine that this year's game will be no different. It would be great to see Jantz keep his passing yards as high as they have been but the number one thing our offense has to do is hold on to the ball. I don't expect perfection, but I would like to see an improvement here.

I think whoever wants it more is going to win this game. Throw out all you know, this is a game that is going to be won with blood, sweat, and tears. Jack Trice is an increasingly tough place to play at and thats going to help the Cyclones maybe just enough and give them an edge in this game. I think we are going to see some tough, physical football. I still believe ISU has the better defense, even considering the amount of points TTU's D has allowed this year. Seth Deoge has the ability to make a lot of things happen and so we need to be prepared for that. This is going to be a nail-biter and it pains me that I wont be able to be there or even watch this game on TV (wedding). I predict that ISU is going to win this game in 2 OT's 41 - 38 with another game winning play by the ISU defense.

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