Reasons to get married, NattyLite as a weapon, tout sheets and shot calling....

When I decided to get married to my wife, I weighed many factors before making my decision. One of the determining factors, however, was the fact that her parents were huge donors to ISU and by marrying into her family, I'd be assured of 50 yd line seats for football games, half-court seats for basketball games and killer parking spots for both.

I got to the Western Illinois game a couple of hours early for tailgating and someone was parked in my spot. Security asked them to move and while they were packing their stuff up, they started flipping us shit. Because he was in my spot. At first I couldn't believe it but asked him if it was ok if I went and parked in his driveway. He drove off after he saw my buddy is about 6'6" and 3 bills plus. My friend laughed and said "He doesn't know I'm a big pussy".

After reading what happened at the Notre Dame /Michigan game, I can't believe I didn't think about takin' care of business with my case of Natty Lite.

Next time.

According to

St. Joseph County Police received a call around 9 p.m. for a fight at the corner of Willis St. and Bulla Rd. Once on the scene, officers found a man lying in the road and another man standing next to him.

The man on the ground had severe facial and upper body wounds. According to police, both men said they were hit by a car, but police have not confirmed that. Investigators say it’s possible that is a story to cover-up a fight.

While police were talking to the men, a woman approached officers and said she’d been hit in the face with a case of Natural Light Beer. The woman had very visible wounds, most profound, her entire bottom row of teeth were missing.

So when he got lippy all I needed to do was sling a pack o' Natty and him and his wimpy little dog. Lesson learned.

Although I'm not a huge gambler, I like to take a look at tout sheets. Power Sweep, the Playbook, Winning Points, Sports Reporter, etc. I have "friends" that allow me to take a look at their copies for free, and I'm always interested about what they have to say about the Cyclones.

Winning Points says that Iowa State arguably has the best defense in the Big 12, but still picks Texas Tech to win 31-27. Does that make sense? Doesn't to me either.

I'm looking for a Special teams TD today and will make this call.

Cyclones 24

TTech 17

Go Cyclones and stay outta my spot or feel the wrath of Natty Lite.

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