Why I Hate the hawkeyes...a couple of other teams I hate too.

Why do I hate the hawkeyes?

It wasn't always that way. Growing up I was a fan of both teams. Probably more of a fan of Iowa football because my Mom loved Jim Zabel and a bigger fan of Iowa State basketball. I know, a waffler, but hey, I was just a kid. My freshman year in college I went to a private school and my best friend's Mom and Dad had Iowa season tickets, and I went to almost all of their football games, this was during the Chuck Long era and the whole state was excited to have a Heisman candidate and a football team garnering national press. This was when being on National TV was a big deal. I'd never been to an Iowa or an Iowa State game and the atmosphere was electric.

I transferred to Iowa State my sophomore year and became a Cyclone, but I still didn't have any hatred for the hawkeyes, I just wanted them to lose to ISU, and then do well after that.

I moved away from Iowa for a few years, came back, married my wife (who is also an ISU alum) and started going to Iowa State games again.

During the end of the McCarney era, I started really noticing how obnoxious Iowa fans were, they thought they were a National powerhouse although they haven't ended the season in the top 5 since 1960 and were going to a Texas bowl game every year. But what really drove my hatred was the impending demise of the Big 12.

Iowa fans who couldn't even pronounce their coaches name right were giddy with the fact that Iowa State was going to end up in a non-BCS conference costing us millions of dollars and were hoping we'd end up in the MAC or Conference USA. They were jumping up and down and slobbering all over themselves because they know in their heart that today if Iowa has to compete for athletes with Iowa State, with our facilities and even when chizik was our coach, that they would not have an advantage. They can't stand the fact that they can't come into our facilities, kick our butt and tear down our goalposts like they did in Minnesota. Hell, they can't even beat Minnesota lately, and if they are honest, this scares them to death. They know the team in Iowa that is better coached and has more heart, and it doesn't have Fred Flintstone's head on the side of their helmet.

So 2 years ago I officially became a hawkeye hater and it feels sooooo good.

the other 2 teams I hate:

nebraskie. No explanation needed here.

penn state. The NCAA may not have given them a 4 year death penalty, but I have. I hope they lose every game for 4 years, then I will go back to not caring one way or the other. As a father of 2 boys that are 6 and 8, I can't see how anyone can show up for their games. If this would have happened at Iowa State, I wouldn't go to Ames for a decade, and I really love Hickory Park.

Go Cyclones beat the hawkeyes.

the Fountain of Knowledge,

Cyclone Sully

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