Cyclone Music Theatre of the Mind

Or, "I'm to lazy to make these videos myself so have at it."

This crazy season has brought many ideas for Cyclone music videos to mind but I'm too lazy to learn how to make one. So instead, I will put down my concepts here, my storyboard pitches if you will, and let those of you with actual talent and dedication take any glory that may come.

Somebody Else - Jeff Bridges for DeAndre Kane

Somebody Else

On the, "I used to be somebody" in each chorus give a shot of Kane in Marshall green, preferably getting in trouble. On the "Now I am somebody else" put a clip of Kane being awesome in Cardinal and Gold. Repeat as warranted by the lyrics. When the line "Who I'll be tomorrow is anybody's guess" add in some stock footage of the NBA draft, preferably with somebody who looks, fleetingly, like DeAndre.

When they hit the line "Now that I'm a brand new man, you belong to someone else" drop in a stinger of Melvin Ejim with a shit eating grin and a BIG XII Player of the Year caption.

You all get where I'm going with these now, yes?

Send Me On My Way - Rusted Root for our Tournament Send Off

Send Me On My Way

Start with 3sus' game tying three against Oklahoma State at Hilton. At the seven second mark of the video you hear that sigh. That's right, that's when the ball goes in. See, the movie makes itself! From there on it's just highlights working back through the season.

Bathtime in Clerkenwell - The Real Tuesday Weld - Cyclone Blooper reel

Bathtime in Clerkenwell

Start with a clip of a perfectly run play that concludes right as the man says "If only it were so simple" Now, hear that scat line and how it kind of ends with "dunk"? Perfect. Scatascatascata, blooper, blooper, blooper; resolve...lob dunk! Ejim butterfingers moments, missed passes, rim rejections, all the horrible, funny-if-we-didn't-care-so-much, moments then drop the awesome hammer. When they go to the high b-line throw in even more awesome highlights. Put Naz's 3 in on the splash at then end followed by John Walters screaming.

When I'm 64 - The Beatles for Gorgeous Georges Niang.

When I'm 64

Come on, this shit writes itself. Clips of Niang backing guys down in the post should pace well with the tune.

Don't Stop Me Now - Queen for Melvin

Don't Stop Me Now

Picking the track for Melvin is the hardest part. We've gotten to watch our little boy blossom from gawky teenager to the full grown man he is today and it gives us all a sad that we can see the end of his time with us. So finding a track with the proper mix of energy and melancholy is critical. Leave it Freddie Mercury to have the chops to pack both into a song. Finding the highlights to pack into this is the easy part. The end fades with the iconic pic of Melvin in full voiced hollar.



Yeah, that's the one.

So that's what I've got so far. I hope I've planted seeds in the minds of you capable WRNL'ers that will blossom into amazingly crafted pieces of music video.

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