A San Antonio Guide to the NCAA

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Official Meetup (From The Iowa State Club of Dallas/Fort Worth)

Official Cyclone meeting place is going to be at Hard Rock Cafe on the Riverwalk. While any pep rally or other team related activities are coordinated directly with the NCAA we have secured an agreement with the Hard Rock to offer Iowa State Fans 20% off food, non-alcoholic and retail special (excludes charity items) if they are wearing Fan Fare and mention the offer.

There are many of us planning to stay at the Hilton Palacio Del Rio, also on the Riverwalk, so Tex's Sports Bar & Grille inside the hotel will also likely be a good secondary meeting place.

AT&T Center

This is the arena where the San Antonio Spurs play. It is a very nice venue. Parking (except during the rodeo, when those running parking become incompetent) is usually a fairly quick in and out. For Spurs' games, outer parking (which is not a long walk) is Lots 6 and 7. They run $10 for Spurs' games. I would be surprised if it was much more. Double that price for lots 2 and 3, which are by the front doors.

Food and drinks in the arena are good and a nice variety. But, as all games, expect a mark-up.

Address is:

One AT&T Center Parkway San Antonio, TX 78219

Entertainment - Game Time

The obvious location will be the Riverwalk. With the exception of drunks (which the Park Police contain to a certain degree), it is a family friendly environment; at least until later in the evening. Just note that there is basically no fencing between the walk ways and the "river." People fall in all the time, whether stumbling drunk or being pushed. Don't be that guy! (But, if you are, don't panic. Unless you are height impaired, you can just stand up. It is about 3 or 4 feet deep in most of the river.)

I have no clue why, but San Antonio seems to have more than its' fair share of Brit/Irish places. On the river walk are several; Mad Dog's should be a good sports bar to go to. ( It's on the NE part of the main loop on the Riverwalk, not far from the Alamo. There is also a Tex's Sports Bar; but, I've never been to it.

Outside of the River walk, are the usual national chains. There are at least 6 Buffalo Wild Wings in San Antonio. I'd recommend not going to any of those south of Highway 90. (In fact, just avoid the whole south part of the town! Avoid the neighborhood that the AT&T Center is in).

Entertainment - Not Game Time

If you plan on seeing the Alamo and want to get a feel of what it was like in the day, do yourself a BIG favor and go to the San Jose Mission ( first! It has the parameter wall and mission. It will really make you appreciate what the Alamo once was. The first time I went to the Alamo, I expected tumble weeds, desert and John Wayne. I got traffic, city buildings and Ripley's Believe it or Not across the street! Big let down. San Jose will not disappoint. It is a couple of miles max south of the Riverwalk off of Roosevelt Ave.

The kids might enjoy the Witte Museum ( on Broadway. It is a couple of miles north of the Riverwalk on Broadway.

The Riverwalk trail goes many miles to the south and is pretty good for "walking it off."

On the west side of town is Sea World ( On the northwest is Six Flags Fiesta Texas ( I'm not a big fan of this Six Flags, but your miles may vary.


On the Riverwalk, there are several restaurants. Many are a bit pricy, but you might like Casa Rio for Mexican fare ( If you want, in my opinion, better San Antonio style Mexican food at a much cheaper price, go to one of the Las Palapas restaurants ( You need to have at least one puffy taco. The food is good, the ambience is nothing special. There are 10 of them in San Antonio (local chain), not all serve alcohol. Choose appropriately!

Two burger joints of note. Near downtown, off of Broadway (and thus, near the Witte mentioned earlier) is Sam's Burger Joint ( Good burgers! They have local bands in the evenings, too. A bit further from downtown, but not far, is Chris Madrid's ( Even better burgers! A bit of a line, but well worth it. A family size fry will feed the family, too!

Just to the east of the Riverwalk is another good Mexican restaurant called Aldaco's ( Very nice ambience, too.


Sorry I can't help you out much, here. I live in San Antonio, so never visit the hotels! Needless to say, the closer to the Riverwalk (in general) the higher the price!

Weather is supposed to be 50s for the lows and 70s for the highs! Pretty nice! You will, however, see locals in coats, though! A byproduct of having adjusted to months of 100+ degree summer days.

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