Around College Football

Stormin' Around the Big XII: It's Back! Edition


The Big XII starts the 2013 season with nine teams in action and two big neutral site tilts against the SEC in Texas.

NCAA Football 14 Ratings Revealed, WTFs Ensue


NCAA Football 14 is showing at E3 this week and the ratings were revealed and they certainly leave us scratching our heads.

Stormin' Around the Big XII: Bowl Edition


A record setting nine bowl teams will be part of postseason play this year starting with Baylor's appearance vs UCLA in San Diego and culminating with Oklahoma taking on Heisman winner Johnny...

Stormin' Around the Big XII: The Champ is Here!


We knew a few weeks ago that the Texas vs Kansas State would be important but now instead of Texas battling for the second Big XII BCS spot they're playing spoiler, and potentially costing the Big...

Post-Thanksgiving Football Open Thread


Post amongst yourselves.

West Virginia @ Iowa State Recap: Tavon'd


Tavon Austin got loose on a 75-yard reception late in the 4th quarter and an ill-timed Jeff Woody fumble spelled doom for Iowa State in the first edition of The Riot Bowl.

Stormin' Around the Big XII: Twilight Edition


As the Big XII season enters its final stretch the conference championship picture becomes clearer and teams in the middle of the conference jockey for bowl positions.

Stormin' Around the Big XII: Let's Go Bowlin'


Five teams can gain bowl eligibility on Saturday. Four of the teams face off in two match ups and Oklahoma State can reach six wins by spoiling the national championship hopes of Kansas State.

Stormin' Around the Big XII: Moving Day Edition


Much like a Saturday during a golf tournament, the Big XII is beginning to round the corner into its homestretch of the season. The conference championship is still up for grabs but so are the...

Hate Week. The Real One.


You think that one week in September when we hate the iowa hawkeyes is the real hate week? You obviously have not been introduced to our hatred of the men from Waco.

Iowa State @ Oklahoma State Gamethread


Iowa State travels to Stillwater to face an Oklahoma State team looking for revenge for last year's loss in Ames. The Cyclones need the win to build momentum for a "dream" season and the Cowboys...

Stormin' Around the Big XII: Parity Edition


Kansas State heads to Morgantown but three other match ups may be more important for the race for the Big XII Championship.

A Farmageddon Story


Farmageddon: More than just a rivalry.

Stormin' Around the Big XII: IT'S A TRAP! Edition


After a week that saw West Virginia establish themselves a front runner, Oklahoma show they aren't dead yet, and Iowa State again upsetting the balance this week could be the one that further...

Stormin' Around the Big XII: The Cream Will Rise


The first weekend of October brings a conference slate that will start to show who the cream of the Big XII crop is.

The Apologetic Big 12


The Big 12 has made some mistakes in its time as a conference. The Big 12 knows it messed up, and would like to say it's sorry.

The Many Faces of Casey Pachall


Casey Pachall is a man of few words, some drugs, and a lot of faces.



A new series looking at what every conference game means for Iowa State in a larger context.

Big XII Conference Season Begins!


With three conference games this weekend which Big XII teams begin to separate themselves from the pack and provide some clarity into how this year's Big XII shapes up?

Stormin' Around the Big XII: Time to Play Real Games Edition


A look at the Week 3 games in the Big XII where more I-AA teams, New Mexico, and North Texas are on the docket. Texas will still be the only offense to score in the 20s this week.

The Amazing Adventures of Captain Curt and the Concealment Clan


By day, Kirk Ferentz is the mild-mannered coach of the Iowa Hawkeyes. But when scandal strikes, he transforms into... CAPTAIN CURT: Superhuman condescender and defender of the Hawkeye Way. (When...

The Premiere Of The CyHorn Power Hour


The CyHorn Power Hour: Chatting with Peter Bean about the Cyclones, Longhorns, and a bevy of useless topics.



When Iowa State meets Iowa this Saturday, the Hawkeyes will be without offensive coordinator Ken O'Keefe for the first time in the Kirk Ferentz era. His replacement? A coordinator Cyclone fans...

Cheer Up, Lil' Hawkeye


Hey there, Hawk fan. How you feeling? Not too good, huh? Yeah, it's understandable. That opening game against Northern Illinois wasn't very encouraging. You spent the last eight months convincing...

Northern Illinois Loses Super Bowl, Deems 2012 A Lost Season


Saturday marked the effective end to the Northern Illinois Huskies' football season as they relinquished a late lead in losing 18-17 to the Iowa Hawkeyes. "It's such a crazy thing, to have a game...

Cormac McCarthy Previews the Big XII


Hello. My name is Cormac McCarthy. I'm a writer of some renown. I'm also a football fan. I now live in the American southwest in the high chaparral hills of the desert. Because of this, or...

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