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State staredown

A week after becoming the whipping boy of #10 Utah Mormons the Iowa State Cyclones travel to the state of Oklahoma for the daunting task of taking on the #6 Sooners. Much like a 9-curic turd, its probably going to fucking painful, but you can't ignore it and hope it goes away you just have to shut your eyes, push and hope nothing tears. (Ok, so the football team probably shouldn't close its eyes - but the rest of the analogy is legit) I'm going to cheat this week and do even less research than the history of Utah piece, but to make up for the lack of insight I promise you extra pictures of scantily clad women. You know I take care of you.


oklahoma_outline I found it amazing I was able to find such high-quality state outlines in a soothingly-gay shade of purple. Thank you to whatever intern took the time to make those. Iowa and Oklahoma are two of the "not-quite a rectangle" states that make up the midwest. Iowa is bordered on 2 sides by rivers and has sort of has a nose shape on its eastern border, which is cool I guess. Oklahoma has a much more distinct "frying pan" or "needle-dick and ballsac" shape. I'm assuming that's some sort of river on its southern border or there was some serious drinking at the "what part of Texas do we want" convention.