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Hell Yes

Those words (or a variation thereof, usually consisting of the addition of a "fucking") is what is running through pretty much every ISU fan tonight.




That and 52-38.

It was a crazy game. It was an ugly game in many spots, but at the end, the Cyclones came out with the win - a conference win and our first over Texas Tech in 8 years. We fans are going to hold on to that win like an 18-year-old holds on to the singles he takes on his first trip to the titty bar - tightly in our hot little hands until they are loosened by alcohol and the promise of boobies.

The only further course of action that needs to be taken tonight is celebratory drinking and the playing of this:

I can guarantee you this is playing in tailgates all around Jack Trice tonight, and will probably be played in every bar in Campustown at least once.

Congrats guys. You earned it, you deserve it. Hopefully this builds up some momentum for when the Mormons come marching in next weekend.