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Skyrockets in flight

This is quite possibly one of the happiest days of my life. Definitely on the same plane as the '98 win over Iowa and even higher than last year's win over Nebraska. It's almost as good as having a little unexpected afternoon delight on a work day.

The entire fourth quarter I was on my knees, watching in my living room with my kids wondering where this crazy lady came from and when mommy's coming back. If I were Catholic, I probably would have been saying Hail Marys like my life depended on it.

It's safe to say Iowa State fans all feel something like this:

While Texas fans are still feeling like this:

Great game to the whole football team; this is a Whole Team win. Despite two completely demoralizing losses the previous two weeks, you didn't give up. It's not easy being a Cyclone fan, but when you pull out wins like this, it makes all the suffering worthwhile. Okay. maybe not worthwhile, but a little more tolerable.

Suffice to say there's probably going to be a lot of drinking going on in Austin tonight. Let's just hope Norman Underwood can stay out of a Mexican prison. Remember to watch our twitter (@widertnattylt) for increasingly incoherent tweets from the night.