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Rules for Kansas Week

turnergillAlright you heathens... We know Iowa State just had the big win over Texas and everyone is in a state of delirious retardation, but we just wanted to remind everyone that this week, there will be strict rules enforced on the site. As you may have noticed already, each article will now have a running total of swear words for the week. We are pretty awesome, but in the end, still human, so we will keep track of our misgivings, and pay back our debt to God Turner Gill.

Here are the list of rules to be followed for the week:

I. No comments allowed after 10 PM

II. No women allowed after 10 PM

III. No drunk posting, because none of you should be consuming alcohol, the root of all evil. This also means no tailgating.

IV. No posting comments from your cell phones, because all phones will be taken away.

V. No winning (this means arguments/fights/pickup games) against anyone outside the states of Georgia and New Mexico.

VI. If you are a manager, take the best employee you have at a position, and move them to something totally opposite, continue moving him around every few weeks to dispel any chance of continuity.

VII. And of course, no CURSING. List of words (in no particular order or format) that have been deemed inappropriate are as follows:

1. fuck.
2. shit
3. ass
4. shove it up your cum basket
25. fuck me in the goat ass
82. fuck me like a 2 dollar whore
115. semen guzzler
369. taint licker
547. shittytittybangbag
708. twatsicle
973. cunt punt
1000. Ferentz
1001. Hayden

Please do your best to follow these rules.

Thanks in advance from the WRNL staff.