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Behold, The Newest Entry to Yo! Cyclone Raps

We have a new entrant to the Cyclone theme song Hall of Fame! And (somewhat sadly), this may take the cake as the best of the bunch (sorry Allen Bell, WRNL still loves you!).


Let's break it down:

Song: 7 out of 10 - Really not all that terrible and pretty catchy. If you played this at any house party, no one would say, "Hey, this song sucks". And really, almost any Cyclone rap makes for good tailgating music. ClonesJer has already admitted to humming this tune as he diddles himself, so take that for what it's worth.

Video: 1 out of 10 - Awful. It could have been decent if it had less dudes touching themselves, and if whoever's phone camera was used moved further than a 3 foot radius. 2 points for the excellent Dougie-ing going on, -1 for the dude with boardshorts doing the running man.

Street Cred: 2 out of 10 - Dougie is the highlight once again here. I feel as if at some point they forgot that they were making a rap video: Everyone knows you need 20's, booty claps, and somebody ghostridin' the whip. Has BET taught them nothing?

Conclusion: Who gives a shit, it's still 1000x better than Notti Boy.