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CYCLONES WIN... Sexy time!

The Cyclones defeated a very bad yet well mannered Kansas Jayhawk football team yesterday in convincing fashion. SEXY TIME! When asked after the game regarding how he felt about losing to the Cyclones, KU starting safety Lubbock Smith responded with a question of his own, "Has anyone seen my jock strap? I appear to have lost it on the field at some point..." Well Lubbock, you may want to ask Shontrelle Johnson about that, we think he might have a good idea as to where it is:


ISU now has 3 opportunities left on the season to reach the magic number of 6 needed for post-season eligibility. Next up Nebraska - Bring it!

As you may have noticed while reading WRNL this week, we have had a running swear counter at the bottom of each article to track vulgarity and bolster support for the Turner Gill "No potty talk" initiative. Well, we didn't think we raised quite enough money for "the cause" by being our usual crude selves, so in order to show our soft side we present to you the following video as a sign of solidarity:


That ought to bring us up to about an even hundred on the week!

In discussing how to help KU with the money we raised through being vulgar and inappropriate all week, we decided it would be best served to purchase a new athletic supporter for Lubbock Smith in order to replace the one that Shontrelle stripped him of! He'll definitely need it, it's safe to assume that there will be plenty of kicks to the junk left in store for the Jayhawks with a few weeks remaining on the season. Check for it in the mail about mid week big fella. It's a petite medium, right?