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Mormon Week - Episode 4


The Glenn Beck shark is a rare breed of shark that manages to succeed in the waters despite everyone questioning the point of its existence. While the shark has only been part of the Mormon religion for roughly 10 years you would think that he has been a life long member based on his profound belief in the Mormon God.

Originally employed by a competing shark group the Glenn Beck shark moved over to the highest paying shark group a few years ago. In doing so he has managed to gain a large following by comparing dolphins to Adolf Hitler, sharks who travel together as socialists, and jellyfish as hippies. The Glenn Beck shark specializes in striking fear in to those who are afraid of anything that is not white, Mormon, or speaking English.

Unfortunately for the Glenn Beck shark he is likely going to go blind before the end of his life. When we did some further research in to this we discovered the root cause was because of an appearance on Bill O'Reilly's show as the Masturbating Shark when Mr. O'Reilly was trying to find ways to expand his reach to a younger audience.

Please folks, when out in the water, watch out for this mad, mad man shark.