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Helmet Stickerzzz - Week 9: Kansas

helmetstickerIt sure is nice to win a game you were supposed to win. Coming into this game I couldn't get the thought out of my head that this was setting up to be a perfect trap game coming off the emotional Texas win and before a big matchup with Nebraska. As it turned out it almost was. The first half was tough to watch and that uneasy feeling was growing. Could we really go down to Austin and win but lose to a paraplegic type Kansas team at home? Then came the best performance of any one quarter this season and all thoughts of suicide escaped my mind. I was happy again and I swear it wasn't from the shrooms this time. Granted, we weren't able to cover the spread, but all that matters is that W to put us at 5-4 and one game away from bowl eligibility. On a somewhat unrelated note for you gamblers out there. Does anyone else have a harder time betting on Iowa State when they are favored as opposed to when they are the dog? That goes to show you all the disappointments Iowa State fans have been through. We're just waiting for the next kick to the swimsuit area.


FINAL SCORE: IOWA STATE (5-4, 3-2) 28 - KANSAS (2-6,0-4) 16


josh_lenzJosh Lenz, WR - While his offensive statistics weren't mind blowing (2 catches for 17 yards) he single handily brought the Cyclone faithful to life towards the end of the 2nd quarter. At a point in the game where Iowa State had zero going for them, Lenz is able to take a punt to the house for 62 yards. To make the story even better, this return came after another punt in which Lenz let the ball fly over his head only to have Kansas down the ball around the 2 yard line. If it isn't for that return who knows how the Cyclones come out and play in the second half. Lenz was the defibrillator to a flat lining Cyclone squad.


jake_knottJake Knott, LB - Welcome back to helmet sticker ranks Jake! You could have arguably received a helmet sticker every week thus far but I have to share the wealth and honor some of your teammates otherwise our readers might catch on to our love fling. Knott totaled 13 tackles (7 solo, 6 assisted) , 1 sack, and 1 interception on the day. Knott is well on his way to a very nice career with the Cyclones. Could he be the next All-American since Ben Bruns?


sean_smithSean Smith, OL - I'm not privy to offensive line related statistics such as pancake blocks or anything but I think Sean Smith deserves some recognition for his gutsy play on Saturday. Smith was filling in for Alex Alvarez at the guard spot while Alvarez was filling in for Ben Lamaak at center who was out with an injury. Now one could argue the entire first half was abysmal, and I'd agree, however the first drive of the second half was a 180. The O-Line was like a completely different unit and I think a large part of that was because of Smith and Alvarez getting a little more comfortable with their assignments/positions and dominating their men. The O-line often doesn't get much credit but one must not forget how important they are in any sort of success.


chizik_coinD.J. Beshears, DB/RB - You may not know the name too well or at all especially considering he didn't even play for Kansas on Saturday so I will elaborate. Young Beshears was a recent recruit that had all but signed on the dotted line to attend Iowa State but instead switched his commitment last minute to the Jayhawks. Now look at him, kid got suspended for the ISU game likely for saying the B word (which, might I point out, is a common word heard on television these days) and he plays for the worst division 1 football team in America. Poor fella, next time choose more wisely.