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Biggest Kick to the Balls Contest

disappointmentDuring the preseason the stars were aligning for the University of Iowa football time. A multitude of returning starters and big names on both sides of the ball led many hawkeye fans to believe that this was the year everything came together for a national championship run. A couple letdowns later and the sky was beginning to crumble. A shred of hope remained until Saturday when lowly Northwestern beat the hawkeyes again … like they always do. It has to suck.

The same day the Iowa State Cyclones were on the field to take on a Colorado team in shambles. The table was set for the Cyclones, after pushing highly ranked Nebraska to overtime the week before all they had to do was beat Colorado to be bowl-eligible. The Buffalos had recently lost to Kansas, had zero conference wins, had just fired their headcoach, and started the third-string QB that happened to be the newly disposed of coach’s son. No problem right? The Cyclones limped away after an embarrassing whooping. It sucked.

"Stepping on your dick" … "Screwing the pooch": it’s when the table is set for something awesome, and you fuck it up. Everyone knows the feeling of allowing themselves to imagine what they would do if they won the lottery, and the disappointment when the numbers don’t hit. Only this time there are only 2 people playing and you’re left feeling shitty while the other guy sets up a little two chics at the same time action

The votes are in! Looks like Texas saves both Iowa & Iowa State from worst debacle of the season.


*We know Iowa isn’t in the Big 12, but we’ll cut them a break this time.