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Man on Fire


We're just gonna drop this stat line on you and let it speak for itself:

FG: 11/11 3pt FG: 5/5 FT: 2/2 Points: 29

Add in four rebounds, three assists and a single foul just to keep it real.

Scott Christopherson was a man on fire in a the truest "old-school-NBA-Jam" sense of the word. He was unstoppable as Iowa State dismantled the Drake Bulldogs 91-43 on Wednesday night in the widest margin of victory the series has ever seen. Of course with a blow-out like that there were plenty of other great performances, Diante Garrett was great early and Marvin Ejim finished them off with a strong second half, but SC was on another planet.

The Cyclone Basketball team is off to a 3-0 start to the nonconference schedule. Their next opponant is the Creighton BlueJays this Sunday in a matchup with former program dismantler and head coach Greg McDermott.