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Real Versus Fake

confused-fullIt has been brought to the attention of the brain trust at WRNL·that some of our readers were not sure if the Jeff Hornacek interview was real or fake.·It seems our ability to perfectly channel the inner workings of the senile old bastard of a mind that is Bill Snyder (fake) or the feminine pants pee'er Fran McCaffery (also fake), has created a distrust amongst our readership.·We can't expect readers to then totally switch gears and believe us when we tell them we're interviewing former footballers Hiawatha Rutland (real) and·Allen Bell (real) or Cyclone legends like Mr·Jeff Hornacek·(real).· It's just not fair.

Well, we apologize. ·We didn't clarify well enough to allow even the most Dean's List worthy of the WRNL fanbase to keep up. ·In the future we will try to call out specifically when we are interviewing a real-live person that has the real name we are attaching to the words in the article.· However, we have been known to forget shit, so below we've devised a quick reference guide to help you navigate in the future.


Tip #1: Is the interviewee·from a school that is an upcoming·opponent of ISU in any sport?·

If the answer is yes, this is probably going to be fake, Bill Snyder has yet to contact us for a meet &·greet to swap colonoscopy stories.·

Tip #2: ·Is the interviewee awesome?· Were they ever affiliated with ISU in any capacity?·

If they are indeed awesome and are affiliated with ISU this shit is probably real. ·We occasionally get the hookup with some sweet interview action and want to pass the goodness on to you, our cherished reader.

Tip #3: Would this interviewer really ask these questions?

Did the interviewer actually just say "So... Fran ... that's a chic's name right?"·You don't think we'd really ask him that do you? do you? oh ok, we see your point.


Now for·a brief visual·exam.·Of the following images try to identify which is Real·and which is Fake:

1) Real or Fake?


2) Real or Fake?


3) Real or Fake?


4) Real or Fake?


5) Real or Fake?



1) Fake - that's an impossibly large kitty-cat ... oh the hilarity

2) Fake - both of them, and the·certificate, all fake

3) Real - its called vajazzling,·and you should google it

4) Fake - rocks don't float

5) Amazingly Real - according to the internet, and who are we to argue?


We·hope that clears everything up.·