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Helmet Stickerzzz - Week 12: Missouri

helmetstickerDue to an unfortunate contraction of bronchitis early last week, that has still yet to leave my body, I was unable to attend the game Saturday but was lucky enough to catch the game in my man-cave on 50" inches of Samsung DLP LED technology with 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround. I'm only kidding...but was man-like. So as my wife, friends, and fellow Cyclone fans are all enjoying themselves in Ames, I dug into my lonesomeness while hacking up multiple lungs and witnessed a truly epic game and the demise of Brett Favre. Oh wait, that was the Packer game on Sunday. Let me start over. So as my wife, friends and fellow...yada yada yada...I witnessed another Cyclone loss. Now I don't want that to paint a poor picture because I actually felt like they played a pretty good game. The Offensive unit was all but inept trying to score, but that defense was giving me man-wood in my man-cave. I know it will go over-looked nationally, as is typical with anything pro-cyclone, but the KK tandem should be recognized for their statistics. They could arguably be one of the best linebacking duos in the nation and I'm not saying that under my breath. Here's the proof: Jake Knott ended the season with 130 total tackles which is tops in the B12 and 3rd nationally. A.J Klein ended the year with 111 total tackles which is 4th in the B12 and 18th nationally. Those are just tackle stats too, their overall statistical lines are just as impressive. These two have matured beyond expectations and I'm glad they are Cyclones.

Final week of the season means final week of Helmet Stickerzzz. Contain your sadness please. I'm well aware this weekly blog is the only thing that gets you going Monday mornings but life will go on. If you are in need of a Cykosis fix, I'll be turning tricks down on 5th although if you want the Paul Bunyan Flapjack I charge extra.


FINAL SCORE: IOWA STATE (5-7, 3-5) 0 - MIZZOU (9-2, 5-2) 14


jake_williamsJake Williams, WR- If Saturday night's game is any indication to how our receivers will play next year, I'm fearful. Yet another reason Jake Williams will most definitely be missed next year. Jake has risen from the depth charts throughout his career and busted out onto the scene last year to become our number one receiver. A name nobody knew a few years ago is now well known but also played in his last game as a Cyclone. These are the stories of success everyone enjoys hearing; local in-state kid, buried in depth chart, labeled as a project, works his tail off and proves he deserves to play big time division 1 football. As for his stat line in the game, although it was becoming quite normal, he put up 6 receptions for 102 yards. One of those receptions was for a huge first down in which the offense was backed up and Jake pulled down an excellent 39 yard snag to keep the chains moving. I applaud your character, your work-ethic, your abilities, and of course your loyalty to the Cyclones Jake Williams. You will be missed.


aj_kleinA.J. Klein, LB- What else is new, right? One of our stud linebackers takes home another helmet sticker. A.J. was all over the field Saturday night and it seemed I heard his name called the most as the Cyclone defense came up with big play after big play. I'm running out of things to say about these guys unless you want to hear me rant about their go-to condom brand, or which direction they prefer to stand in the shower. Since I'm sure you don't want to hear that and I would have no clue about either of those I'll just lay the stats on you. A.J. ended the game with 8 tackles but 2.5 of those were for loss. I can't wait to see Klein get even better in the next two seasons.


Rashawn_ParkerRashawn Parker, DE- As the season wore on it became harder and harder to think of a "surprise" player of the game. Players develop their standards and it no longer becomes a surprise to us on-lookers. This week I'm awarding this sticker to a great man and senior leader, Rashawn Parker. He's been with us for so long and he often goes over-looked so I feel it necessary he gets recognition for the work he's put in, especially this year coming off the terrible season ending knee injury in 2009. He didn't have to come back for his final year of eligibility. He had finished up his degree and could have moved on with life but he came back and served as a leader/mentor. Parker ended Saturday night with only 3 tackles but 1.5 of those were for loss totaling 8 yards. Thank you for the years Rashawn and good luck in your future endeavors.


chizik_coinBronchitis- I'll admit I just couldn't come up with any humorous or legitimate recipient for this week's Chizik coin so I'm starting a world wide campaign to outlaw bronchitis. As soon as that shit reared it's ugly head I was down for the count with fevers, body aches, headaches, of course the non-stop cough, and even vomiting. Which reminds me...Don't do bronchitis kids! It's a bitch and I don't wish it upon anyone. Although I am in the process of taking my first Z-Pack which is just a totally awesome way of saying Azithromycin. So far it seems to be making bronchitis it's bitch.

That's it for Helmet Stickerzzz in 2010. I'm now going into hibernation until Fall of 2011. Until next year Cyclone fans....Peace out Bitches!