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Helmet Stickerzzz - Week 10: Nebraska

helmetstickerBetter than I thought it would be but a whole lot more heart wrenching than I wanted. I know there aren't such things as moral victories but amidst my sorrow I still have a slight splendiferous sublime feeling going on. As I stood in my seat for a good five minutes after the game re-enacting the last train of events I was overwhelmed by these mixed emotions and I was honestly confused as to how to react. I eventually regained composure during my long trek back to G7 wherein I realized I just watched one hell of a football game and convinced myself that this football team, and this coaching staff is going places. We're seeing improvement from week to week. This team is assuming an identity right before our very eyes. Honestly....did that fake extra point catch you off guard? While it may have been a surprise, did you really think there wasn't a possibility they'd go for two? This is a coaching staff that isn't afraid to take those chances and go for the win. Again, it's an identity. I, hopefully amongst many others, commend the staff for identifying the ability to run the play and then calling the play to go for the win. If only that ball were thrown a few inches higher/longer or harder we'd be the ones celebrating.


FINAL SCORE: IOWA STATE (5-5, 3-3) 30 - NEBRASKA (8-1, 4-1) 31


alexander_robinsonAlexander Robinson, RB - ARob performed exactly as he needed to perform for the Cyclones to stay in this ballgame and win. It was no secret we needed to run the ball effectively to open up any chance of a passing game against a very stingy passing defense. ARob with a little dash of Arnaud manned up and did what they needed to do to move the ball, eat clock, and punch Nebraska in the mouth. By the way....their defense aint shit. Robinson ran for 101 yards but also caught 4 balls for 29 yards and a touchdown for a total of 130 yards.


david_simsDavid Sims, S - I'm so happy to finally award Sims with a helmet sticker. He's been absent from this award all year which has been a surprise to many, considering the expectations coming off a terrific year in 2009. Sims was flying all over the field on Saturday. The Nebraska offensive game-plan fits Sims' strongest suit as a run stopping safety and he did what we all expect him to do. He tallied 13 total tackles, 8 of which were solo, and 5 assisted. The biggest play, however, was his forced fumble when he stripped Helu Jr. in a pile of bodies and Roosevelt Maggitt comes out with the ball. Since there wasn't enough video evidence to overturn the call it went in the Cyclones favor and we proceeded to get a 57 yard field goal out of it.


ben_lamaakBen Lamaak, C - No way I can overlook the play of the offensive line, namely Ben Lamaak, for the dominating play on Saturday. Seriously, the O-Line had their way with the Nebraska front for the majority of the game. Arnaud had ample time to throw, running lanes were wide open, and Nebraska fans were in awe. I wonder if they still think Suh is replaceable? They are so real. Lamaak deserves a standing ovation. Kid has been dealing with a lingering MCL injury and was questionable to even play in the Nebraska game. Play? He killed it. There is no doubt he is the captain of that O-Line and his mere presence seems to instill confidence in them. Thank you Ben Lamaak for giving it your all on a hobbled leg.


chizik_coinNebraska - This coin goes out to everything pertaining to Nebraska. The state of Nebraska, the fans of Nebraska, the football team, the basketball team ( they have a basketball team?). Seriously....everything about Nebraska can burn in hell. I loathe the entire university and I fucking hate driving through your state on my way to Colorado. The only thing I'd even come close to respecting about Nebraska is if they were in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most double wide trailers to be set aflame in the Worlds Largest Bonfire. Good riddance Nebraska, go wither away in the Big Ten. You'll fit right in with their deuchebaggery.