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Big Ten Divisions

In the wake of the Big Ten's recent announcement of their Division names and new logo we've decided to compile a list in hopes of coming up with an even douchier set of Division names. Wish us luck! You can read about the division names and logo here. If you are too lazy to click the link and read the article the new Division names, and the names we are going to try and out-douchify, are 'Legends' and 'Leaders'.

fighting_irish10: East/West - OK this may not be overly douchey but this is what the divisions should have been called so we had to throw it in the list.

9: Red/Blue - This is pretty gay, but not nearly as gay as "Legends/Leaders."

8: Fighting/Irish - Attempt to lure Notre Dame to the Big Ten one last time.

7: Givers/Takers - We hear Ohio State gives one hell of a reach around.

6: Totally Awesome/Super Rad - Because obviously the Big Ten is fucking sweet dude! (Rumor has it the powers that be contemplated using the hand sign for Hang Ten as the new logo but better minds prevailed...somehow.)


5: Shitheads/Posers - Can't go without an Eastbound and Down reference.

4: Dungeons/Dragons - They are that hardcore.

3: Shirts/Blouses - [youtube]PaKHR6oe52Q[/youtube]

2: Tupac/Biggie - Nothing says Conference Divisions and East/West rivalry like Tupac/Biggie.

1: Annually Overrated/Consistent Disappointments - This one speaks for itself. The conference of high expectations and poor results.