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The Natty Heisman

Cam Newton may have won the Heisman, but he didn't earn WRNL's Natty Heisman. We have decided to present this award to the college football player who best "personifies the spirit of debauchery and general awesomeness". Without further ado, your 2010 winner of the WRNL Natty Heisman, Hiawatha Rutland!


Hiawatha's Critical Stats:

2 WRNL Interviews.
1 Admission to Blowing Complete Horse Dick at Fantasy Football.
1 Preseason Prediction of Iowa State over Texas.
0.25 Jersey Chaser Stories

If Hiawatha wants to become the Archie Griffin of the Natty Heisman, he'll need to step up his jersey chaser storytelling numbers.