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About WRNL

Wide Right and Natty Light was put together by a collection of Iowa State fans who felt like we could show the humorous side of being an Iowa State fan. WRNL is in no way affiliated with the Iowa State athletic department and our viewpoints in no way reflect the ISU Athletic Department. All characters and events on this blog — even those based on real life — are likely made up. All personalities are fake. All photos were ganked off the internet and Photoshopped, badly. If you needed that explained to you, then you probably should have left the site already. You can send us feedback at or follow us on twitter at @widertnattylt. Thanks for visiting!

A collection of comments made by you, our readers. Any undue praise or harsh criticism may have sent any of us into PCP-like highs or suicidal lows. So for that, we thank you.

The Good:

Keep up the good work, really liked the Know Your Enemy 2. Couldn’t have come close to saying it better myself. I was surprised at the lack of a coloring book reference, it’s probably too much of a layup.

"Where did this site come from??? Love it!"

"Good stuff. First time to that website, I will be adding that to the favorites."

"Holy crap, how did I not know about Wide Right & Natty Light until now? My daily dose of Cyclone info is now complete… "

"I think I have a new home page"

"That’s a good site. A great sense of humor."

"I heart WRNL!"

"I thought the Craigslist ad was great, and I am very proud of our ability to riot"

"WRNL, Easily my new favorite satirical site."

"Let it be known, even in it’s brief existence; WRNL is a master of photoshop."
-The Cyentist

"Funny, funny stuff my friends. A chucklin’ good time. RRD,Texas Tech ’90″

"Honestly, Ames doesn’t totally suck. I’ve been there a few times … Yeah, I rate and your school and town: "not suck". Fine work young man. Fine work."
-Burnt Orange Brother

"Pretty funny blog: ‘Big Dick Sword Fight’"

"Wide Right and Natty Light is my new favorite website…it’s my favorite brand of funny"

"I think you guys are awesome! I wanna bang you"
-misti cox

"As a UT alum I can say I like your style Boys. I plan on getting drunk in your honor this evening."

"I bleed burnt orange but this is some of the funniest shit I have ever seen. Outstanding job!"

The Bad:

"This is the most idiotic site I’ve ever seen on the Internet"
–Mark Willard

"That was was the dumbest thing I have ever read."
-Glen Worley

"This is the dumbest thing I have ever read. What are you like 12? Not creative at all"
–Brian Griffin

"Enjoy your toilet bowl win last year and call us when you win a bowl game that has some significance!!"

"Was this written by an 8th grader?"

"This is by far the worst attempt at writing I have ever seen"
–smelly ass

"That was not, I say not, enjoyable to read."

"Thanks for making it look like the best thing about ISU is our ability to riot. Congrats to you on achieving that on a national level. Really outstanding work outta you… I for one am counting the days until we’ll be able to be proud that when doing a Google search for Iowa State we can bring up a website filled of disparaging satirical humor about ISU.

"I must be a little too uptight I was actually offended at the gay jokes about herbie. The pedophilia jokes should be offensive to anybody."
-Kansas Husker

"Was that supposed to be funny?"

"I would like to erase that from my mind because I’m afraid is will make me dumber. Is that possible?"

The Ugly/WTF:

"The genius who put this little tirade together apparently has no knowledge of the history of the American West, particularly the period of the western Overland Migration"

"I love licking the windows on the school bus."

"That site must be written by ten year olds with down syndrome? stupid ass clown fans… Go Hawks!"

"Pot meet kettle. Also, enjoy the Missouri Valley. That is IF they even want you. GO HAWKS!!!"
-Chris Douglas

"Why don’t you go play with your other website… Considering the drivel I’ve read on WRNL, your ‘humor’ would be more appropriate over there"

"I shave mine for the ladies. You’re welcome."

"site says it’s a "satirical" look, but the art of satire is completely lost on you. enjoy your beat-down from Utah and go get smashed on more Natty Lights."
–silly mormon

"Those mother fu*kers, god damnit Toby Keith is a god damned american fu*king icon. Losers dont know good music when they see it."
-Midnight Toker