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Barta Calls the Whambulance on Big 10 Expansion

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We knew this was coming. Gary Barta finally opened his mouth about Big 10 expansion and served us up a plate full of stupid. It was really nothing short of brilliance coming from that side of the state.

What is Barta’s big problem? Apparently he is the only one on this damn Earth that finds the possibility of adding a Big 10 Championship game to be a bad thing. I guess playing teams like NIU in Solider Field to a crowd of 80% Hawk fans is more appealing than playing Ohio State and getting curb stomped so bad that it makes the guy from American History X look like Angelina Jolie.

Yeah, yeah I can hear it now, "But Iowa took Ohio State to OT in their own house last year!" That is nice and all but it happened during the middle of the "Tressel Timetable". You see, Mr. Tressel likes to have all his Ohio State teams fit the same blueprint. Get overhyped going into the season, lose your marquee non-conference game, rally, lose again to an inferior Big 10 opponent, then wake up and rampage through the rest of the Big 10 like you should have from the start.

Sorry Iowa, but you’d be nothing more than an ugly bird ready to have that familiar dildo shoved up their ass to end the season. But hey, at least it isn’t Northwestern giving you ole "big purple".

Back to the topic at hand, Barta and his hate for the inevitable Big 10 championship game. The article that caused all this hub bub was here. Really it is pretty plain to see why he is so nervous about this. It does not benefit Iowa in the slightest. So much for sneaking your way in to a BCS game when you have to play a 13th game and put everything on the line.

Just look at Missouri in 2008. They were #1 (Missouri, #1, think about that!) going in to the Big 12 Championship vs Oklahoma. They get pseudo-blown out and suddenly are Cotton Bowl worthy. I see Iowa’s concern. They lose a Big 10 Championship game and they are relegated to one of those "second rate" bowls in Florida in January. Oh the humanity. Won’t somebody please think of the children?!

Gary, I see your concern, I really do, but you’re still a pussy.

Until next time, good night and… Fuck the Hawks.

PS – What the fuck is up with his teeth here?


At least put on some shades and quit smiling so you can get some street cred like this guy.


And get a hoody too.