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Matt Perrault's Retardation Knows No Bounds

Totally inappropriate promo banner, KXNO. For shame.

Recently, I was driving home listening to Matt & Miller in the afternoon. I know that a lot of Cyclone fans swear he is anti-ISU, but I always thought he was tolerable… until he presented the WORST IDEA I’ve ever heard. Not only was he saying that Iowa State should join the Mountain West if the Big Ten expansion causes the Big 12 to fold like the French in World War II, but he was actually suggesting that ISU should just join the Mountain West NOW.

Let me paraphrase his reasons for thinking this:

A. Iowa State has no chance to win in the Big 12

B. It’s better to win at a mid major level than get your brains beat in a BCS conference

I’m one of the most realistic Iowa State fans around. My friends have heard me disparage the program, and God forbid for a Cyclone fan, even admit Iowa is the superior school athletically (as well as at rape cover ups). I have no problem with joining the MWC if the worst happens, but Matt must really be on an all new level of retardation if he thinks Iowa State should just quit the Big 12.

Matt’s assertion that Iowa State has no chance to win is based on what? the Chizzledick years of football and the McDermott style of Anti-coaching? Iowa State has been close to a Big 12 North Championship in football multiple times. Yeah, they would have got blown out in the championship, but I would definitely consider that competitive. Another (and of course misguided) notion he has is that even Northwestern who gets its brains beat in consistently has somehow pulled in two shared Big Ten conference titles in football, meaning they are still competitive at times. I guess he is conveniently forgetting that Iowa State has won two Big 12 basketball conference titles OUTRIGHT then, huh? I sure don’t see him advocating the Big 10 telling Northwestern: "Tits or GTFO." Or telling Northwestern to flee for the MAC because they "just aren’t competitive."

When Ken Miller suggested that joining the MWC would be running away scared, Matt laughed it off. Of course a Creighton guy wouldn’t understand being a giant pussy and admitting you can’t win at the highest level, because his University just loooooves taking in coaches who can’t win at a higher level and goes running back to the comfort of a mid-major. Thanks again Creighton for taking McD.

You know, in the end, Matt starting that rumor is about the only thing he can ever claim even a small level of competence on. Otherwise, this, and I’m sure many other of his ridiculous ideas will cause him to stick his foot in his orifice normally reserved for penises/food.

It’s all good though. I’m sure the know-it-all attitude is just a reflection of him overcompensating for something. That’s right, it’s gotta be even smaller if an Asian guy calls you out on it.