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Anderson Joins Cyclones, Cites WRNL as Main Reason

WRNL has confirmed after surfing other, more professional web sites that Darion "Jake" Anderson, a 6’2″ 203lb. guard from Northern Illinois, has decided to transfer to Iowa State.

Anderson, who will be a senior, left the Northern Illinois program after an apparent falling out with former Colorado coach, Ricardo Patton. He will have one year of elgibility remaining and will not have to sit out a season.

Although we were unable to speak directly to Anderson’s people, a close friend who said they knew him, or once partied with him (that part was unclear), said Anderson’s decision to attend ISU was a direct result of stumbling across the Northern Illinois football preview that WRNL posted earlier this week.

We’re working hard to get in touch with Anderson, or a past girlfriend of his or something, but stay tuned to WRNL for more updates about Anderson.