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Know Your Enemy Part 3: Kansas State University

Welcome to week 3 of WRNL’s closer look at a 2010 ISU Opponent.

STADIUM: The Wildcats play at Bill Snyder Family Stadium, in Manhattan, Kansas, which features modern amenities such as wooden bleachers, and sheep.

The sheep are just to the left

If you didn’t know, Manhattan has one of the most favorable ratios in the entire Big 12. No, not female-to-male ratio, but male-to-sheep ratio. In fact, K-Staters are so fanatical about their sheep, that one of the main tailgate lots in close proximity to the stadium is a sheep pasture, which they kick the sheep out of for home games, so people can park, drink beer, avoid piles of shit, and probably perform beastiality. I’m aware of the white-trashiness that is Sheep Lot (as the locals call it), because we had the privilege of attending a game there in 2006.

Your intrepid author dodging piles of sheep shit

Besides sheep, the folks in Manhattan really, really, really dig their NASCAR. Especially Dale Earndhardt. We actually saw several tailgate set ups were folks were proudly flying the Earndhardt flag above the KSU flag.

I love you Dale!

Yes folks, Manhattan, KS is the epitome of class. Too bad we don’t have a picture of the grain elevator several blocks east of the stadium.

MASCOT: Is there a worse mascot in college sports than this ass clown?

No Stairway? DENIED!

With an overblown cat head mounted on a completely human body, Willie the Wildcat looks like he was designed by a meth addled sheep fucking legally blind redneck with an IQ of 76. Wait a minute… Anyways, when Willie isn’t busy deflecting criticism from people who think a cardinal is a tornado, he’s melting your face off (see link)

TEAM: As we know, last year KSU snuck out a close one at Farmageddon (best name for a game in the history of organized sports? I think so!), as the ISU special teams once again ripped our still-beating hearts from our chests. They feature Dan Thomas, who is a hell of a good running back, but they have question marks at QB. Their defense got out ran by a guy with a gimp leg, so I’m not as worried about them.

That running back seriously has a pulled groin in this picture. Well done, KSU defense.

No matter, because Bill Snyder will probably be busy getting his Depends changed, or hopefully slipping into BV induced dementia by that point.

AGAINST ISU: We all know that ISU has been less than a power over the years, but guess what you probably didn’t know: K-State is even worse! ISU actually has an all time winning record against the Wildcats at 49-39-4. K-State did dominate the Snyder era, but the series stands at 3-3 over the last 6 seasons, including the epic 2004 comeback, and the 2005 curbstomping which provoked Bill Snyder’s first retirement, saying "When Dan beats you 2 years in a row, you know it’s time to hang ‘em up." We agree Billy. We agree.

He's just waiting for that Depends endorsement...