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Negotiations for Texas to PAC-10

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WRNL recently tapped into a convo by DeLoss Dodds, AD of Texas and Larry Scott, Pac-10 Commisioner:

Who's got two green thumbs and loves to smoke weed? This Guy

LS: So DeLoss do you think can get the BIG XII South to make the jump to the new PAC-10?

DD: Sure, no problem. They will do whatever we say…

LS: Great…

DD:…..hold on there son, I’ve got a couple minor details that we need to clear up first.

LS: Like?

DD: Like what’s the real story on this medical marijuana in California?

LS: Excuse me?

DD: Marijuana, green, the sticky icky as our ball players call it….it’s pretty dry here in Texas and my supplier from Colorado is gone ’til November, if you catch my drift.

LS: So Baylor instead of Colorado? I’m not sure I’m following…

DD: Fuck Baylor… bunch uptight Jesus freaks. JC loved to smoke the herb.

LS: I’m sorry DeLoss, can you clarify what exactly you want?

DD: Haight Ashbury, I want a nice condo in the middle of Haight Ashbury and I want some of the finest Kush you can get your hands on.

For the cataracts

LS: Weed and a Condo?

DD: Damn right, didn’t you read my bio…I love to cultivate lush greens

LS: Thats it…for this you’ll bring Texas, A&M, OU, OSU , TT and Colorado…correct?

DD: Have you ever slept in a Redwood?

……….dial tone