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Fan Reaction

After a 28 point thumping like the Iowa Hawkeyes handed our beloved Cyclones on Saturday, it's only natural that fans would have mixed emotions going forward. After all the "Superbowl" is our biggest game every year, or so I've been told, and losing it now for the 3rd time in a row will most certainly send even the most rational ISU fans into a 3rd trimester of pregnancy-type mental state where they begin calling for the jobs of players, coaches, and much of the university faculty. Staight bat shit crazy! Many of these fine folks spent their Saturday either drinking the pain away or venting their rage on as many inanimate objects as possible. Here are just a few of those folks who were gracious enough to share their battle with post traumatic stress disorder on the interwebz:

Personally, I know nothing makes me feel better than going freaking Macho Man Randy Savage style through a beer pong table off of a bus. Luckily, this guy was drunk enough to not be able to feel any of the internal bleeding or cracked ribs until morning.


The most logical solution to dealing with yet another loss to the Hawkeyes seemed to be getting black out drunk and breaking shit. WRNL has it on good authority that campus town in Ames on Saturday looking something similar to this...


At least welcoming Iowa fans outside of Kinnick Stadium were able to empathize for ISU fans after a tough loss. Many of them were even nice enough to offer up a cold beverage as sign of compassion.


And then there are these folks, "We're Comin' Back!". I can only assume they meant to Ames, or possibly fFarmaggedon. Either way, they could not possibly have been talking about football.