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The End of a (Bromantic) Era

Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and Miller & Deace in the mornings is no exception.

We found this depressing news through the discovery of the following Craigslist ad (click for large view)


Jon and Steve are still very mysterious about the reasons as to why they are leaving their highly successful show, but by using our insiders, we were able to gather the top reasons why the show ended.

- Miller & DeaceDeace breaks off bromance, cites Miller's "dutch ovens" as the reason
- Miller frustrated that Deace never replaces toilet paper on roll
- Fishing trip to Wyoming between friends Miller & Deace, yields no fish, raises questions with wives
- Miller quits radio gig to become Norm Parker roady; Deace left without partner
- Deace takes up carpentry, proves he can "do it better than Jesus"
- Deace falls off high horse, takes leave of absence from radio
- Miller joins Mother's Against Drunk Driving, says his maternal instincts told him it was the right thing to do.
- Miller quits radio to emulate his role model, Billy Ray Cyrus, says his daughter has more talent than Miley.
- Miller gets tired of Denard Robinson's Heisman candidacy overshadowing Stanzi's, leaves to be Stanzi's campaign manager.
- Deace starts P90x, needs 20 hours to recover each day.
- Miller spills V8 Splash and breaks TiVo, quits radio gig to become stay-at-home mom; says he, "can't go without Bonnie Hunt Show".