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Drake Announces a Titillating New PR Campaign

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dplusEarlier this year Drake University announced a now infamous academic logo and slogan campaign to attract prospective students. The university chose a large blue letter D with a small plus symbol following it, the D-plus.

Drake's admissions website explained: "When we talk about D+, that's what we mean. Every moment at Drake is one that has the power to educate, to transform, to open minds and to unleash potential -- to introduce who you are, to who you hope to become."

Later, after the shit-storm of unamused students and irritated alums began to form, Drake higher-ups came up with this cover story: "Our experience suggests that the kind of students whom we want to attract to Drake easily understand and appreciate the irony of the D+."

Drake has since pulled the D-plus from much of its admissions material, but they didn't stop in their quest for a new slogan. Today WRNL learned the details of the new campaign.

"It's called 'Double Ds', it combines Drake's famous initial with the Desire for knowledge & Dedication to learning we hope to infuse in the student population" a Drake official told WRNL, speaking anonymously, "We know now that D-plus was a bad idea, but we're confident this new Double Ds slogan is a winner"

He went on to indicate that a study initiated by the university showed 50% of all surveyed high school seniors marked that they "strongly agree" with the statement "I like boobies".


"The new logo is what we're most proud of, it incorporates two of the Drake 'Ds' with an image of a large chested woman's cleavage." the Drake official continued "We really feel this new logo will draw positive attention toward our campus and programs"

Drake also announced plans to make financial resources available for incoming freshman co-eds wishing to pursue chest enhancement surgery on scholarship. "We found that almost 50% of our student body is strongly behind the idea of moving university dollars to a boob job program such as this one. The rugby, chess, and ultimate frisbee clubs, in a previously unseen spontaneous act of cooperation have volunteered much of their funding to make this program happen"

At least one Drake official hopes this new program will finally put the D-plus campaign behind them. "When you think of Drake in a couple months, D+ won't even come to mind - all you'll remember is Double Ds"