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Helmet Stickerzzz - Week 3: Kansas State

Editors Note: Cykosis decided to pass out in a pile of his own vomit in the Arrowhead parking lot after the game Saturday and we haven't heard from him since, so before filling out a missing persons report, I thought I'd go ahead and write his Helmet Stickerz column for him first. His wife and kids can worry for a bit longer.


IOWA STATE vs. KANSAS STATE - 11:00 AM Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO

FINAL SCORE: KANSAS STATE (3-0, 1-0) 27 - IOWA STATE (1-2, 0-1) 20

Game Cliff's Notes: Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husbands too because Daniel Thomas is rapin' everybody out there.

Another year, another loss at Arrowhead, with the same storyline. Iowa State plays like crap, wakes up after halftime to take the lead, then frivels it away in the 4th, only to mount a furious late minute drive that falls short... again. I will say that we did show some improvement from last week, in that tackling looked like it was at a FCS school level instead of high school, but needless to say, anytime the opposing running back goes for 181 yards, there are many improvements to be made. On the bright side, the WRNL crew made it down there and consumed enough alcohol that we're not entirely sure what happened this weekend. Iowa lost or something, right?


collin_franklinCollin Franklin, TE - The Vanilla Thrilla himself. Just like in the Northern Illinois game, Franklin demonstrated his great hands as well as his ability to get open repeatedly to the tune of 6 catches for 45 yards, with catches and yardage only limited by the inability of the offense to get him the ball. Franklin was seemingly as open as the legs of your local "town bike" all game, and his presence in the passing game needs to increase every week on.


Aaj_klein.J. Klein, MLB - Due to the injury to previous starting MLB, Matt Tau'fo'oo, Klein moved to the inside, and had a monster game. Being given the ability to QB the defense and run sideline to sideline instead of filling gaps, Klein amassed 10 tackles, but his most pivotal play came at the beginning of the 2nd half. Klein read KSU quarterback Carson Coffman's eyes as he dropped into coverage, and jumped the route, resulting in the momentum shifting touch after interception (TAINT) to give Iowa State its first lead of the game. The lead didn't hold, but Klein matched the offense's touchdown count by himself.


jeff_woodyJeff Woody, FB - Cut in the mold of other phallicly named Cyclone fullbacks (Ryan Kock), Jeff Woody gave us a raging woody with his excellent performance in limited duty, gaining 43 yards on 6 rushes, for a 7.2 yard average. Woody pounded the middle repeatedly, leaving the K-State defensive line bruised and sore. The offense looked good with the combination of Jerome Tiller and Jeff Woody, giving us great hope for next year, when an all penis nickname backfield of Johnson and Woody should be in full force. WRNL suggests that Coach Rhoads should be running a recruiting search for all kids with the last name Peter, Dick, and Schlong to complete the backfield rotation.



Brodrick Smith, WR - The Week 3 Chizik coin has only one deserving mention - Brodrick Smith, for his #5 on #5 hate crime against Iowa State cornerback Jeremy Reeves. The diminuitive Reeves was having an outstanding game in coverage and on special teams, memorably blowing up K-State punt returner Tramaine Thompson in the 3rd quarter. In the 4th quarter, with Kansas State trailing 20-17, Coffman threw up a ball that looked like it had way too much air under it, and a sure fire pick by Jeremy Reeves. Instead, the 6' 2" Smith pushed off on the 5'7" Reeves as he was in the air to create the separation he needed to catch the pass for a 47 yard gain. Congratulations Brodrick, the 7 inch height advantage wasn't enough, you also had to commit a hate crime against a little person.

Next week: University of Northern Iowa vs. Iowa State