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Helmet Stickerzzz - Week 4: UNI

Editor's Note: I've re-joined the living and made my triumphant return to WRNL after a week long hiatus (see imprisoned for public urination, public intox, and indecent exposure). On the bright side I made a lot of new friends down in the Kansas City jail system. Friends in which I feel confident going to in case I ever need assistance smuggling some exotic fruits across the border. FREE BUBBA! Lastly, I'd like to give special thanks to our resident Asian (CanAzn) for filling in for me on short notice last week. I am treating him to a chinese buffet where he can mingle with his people and eat lots of rice.


FINAL SCORE: IOWA STATE (2-2, 0-1) 27 - UNI 0helmetsticker

Aside from yet another crappy day tailgating, weather wise, all was good on Saturday when the 2nd wave of purple people eaters tried taking down the Cyclones. This week, the Cyclones would have their revenge on the color purple and stick it to the Panthers in shutout fashion. As I was enjoying the rout I had some fun with my good pal, and Panther fan, Big Vern. As I gave him a gentle ribbing about anything I could think of, mainly the color purple, I was verbally chastised from some lady in front of me that was likely present at the ground breaking ceremony in Cedar Falls in 1869. Luckily she had nothing to say as the game got worse, but hey....they still beat Kansas.


grant_mahoneyGrant Mahoney, K - You bet your sweet ass you read that correctly. For the first time in WRNL history (which dates back all of 4 weeks), a kicker is taking home the offensive helmet sticker. I really hate to do this, but if you can come up with anyone on the offensive side of the ball that deserves this sticker more, then you can bend me over and call me Sally (as long as you are OK with getting Bubba's seconds). When Grant Mahoney accounts for 9 of the 27 points (2 field goals and 3 extra points), rushes for a first down on a fake field goal, and manages to outscore the offense by himself I deem him worthy. Well done Grant and please mention us in your acceptance speech on your twitter feed.


jeremy_reevesJeremy Reeves, DB - I will admit, for the first time this season I was torn between multiple players on defense. While the entire defense still gave up 320 yards, they blanked the Panthers where it counts. A big part of that defense is Jeremy Reeves, who is quickly becoming one of our best lock-down corners since E-Hobbs Cubed. Opposing quarterbacks shy away from throwing to his side because he will ultimately make them pay by returning a pick-six 94 yards to pay-dirt. Opposing running backs are tentative when running to Reeves' side, as he is quickly becoming one of our most sound tacklers on the team. This kid is just an all around solid defensive back who will proudly display this WRNL helmet sticker on his mantle as a discussion piece during his wine and cheese parties.


anthony_youngAnthony Young, DB - He's not a household name....yet, but this may have been his coming out party. Anthony Young and the restless joined the Cyclones this year as a JUCO transfer and left his name stamped all over the Panther offense on Saturday night. Young got a lot of time in the second half and did not disappoint. He amassed 9 total tackles and recovered a fumble, all in the 2nd half of the lopsided game.


chizik_coinTirell Rennie and Zach Davis, QB - Tirell Rennie was heralded by one poster on Cyclone Fanatic as Michael Vick-esque. Well that didn't turn out too well for the aspiring Rennie. He may be quick, but when you can't throw the ball to save your life, division-1 defenses will tear you up. Rennie ended the game going 6 for 13 for 102 yards but the stat I want to focus on is the 2 interceptions, one of them going for a TAINT (touchdown after interception). Not to be left out, backup quarterback Zach Davis threw his own version of a pick-six when Jeremy Reeves took it to the house after running the 94 yard dash. It was a rough day for the Panther quarterback duo only completing 12 of 23 passes and 3 interceptions. Plenty of TAINT has been served up by the Cyclone defense the past 2 weeks. Here's hoping for more when Texas Tech comes to town.