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Defending Our Comrade

The week leading up to the Cy-Hawk game usually brings out the worst of both the Iowa and ISU fan bases. Even those who stay reserved for much of the year seem to come out of the woodwork to throw shit on the opposition. This year is no different. ISU and Iowa fans are both coming up with their own mostly delusional reasons as to why their team is superior. Team message boards seems to have turned into one giant game of hide the pickle between irrational optimists and kool aid drinkers. And it's probably going to get worse before it gets better...

Hawkeye fans have even started taking a run at one of the faces of ISU media in CycloneFanatic Publisher Chris Williams. And as a group who loves Seneca Wallace, "Cyclone Fagtastic", and Ben Bruns buns, WRNL wasn't about to let CW go down like that.

Here is the video made by a group of Iowa fans for those of you who have not seen it: New State of the Nations But let's not forget, they don't care about ISU or this game... Riiiiiight!

And Chris, if you're really hosting true romance parties, an invitation would be greatly appreciated. But we can discuss that at a later time.

Well, it wouldn't be like WRNL to not respond to childish shananigans with a retort of our own now would it? Yea, we really aren't much for taking the high road. We let our very own sports news anchor "Ron Donaldson" sit down with Jon Miller to see if we could straighten things out a bit.


You may remember Ron who was made famous by his interviews with Deloss Dodds and the Queen of England.

If you would like to make your own childish video, we encourage you to do so. I mean if Hawk fans can figure out how to do it, then anyone can, right? Go to and start your own smear campaign. Feel free to share them with your WRNL friends on our facebook or twitter page.