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WRNL Wing Challenge

The brain-trust at WRNL is in the process of organizing our inaugural WRNL Hot Wing Challenge. We plan to sacrifice the health of our digestive tracts, our already poorly functioning livers, and the otherwise peaceful ambiance of our bathrooms as we canvas the Des Moines Metro to find you, our cherished readers, the best hot wings the city has to offer.

The Hot Wing Challenge will take place on Saturday, January 22nd until they close the doors or we've completed the mission. We are in the process of finalizing the list of local eateries we plan to invade. In no particular order:

- Jethros
- Victors
- Gerris
- The Chicken Coop
- Court Ave Brew
- Trophys
- AK O'Connors

This list is only tentative, so bear with us while we work out the plan.

Stay tuned for more details.