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Iowa State vs. Missouri GameThread

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Today is Iowa State's chance to stop its two game slide and get back on the path to bowl eligibility. In their way is a Missouri team that plays on the field just like it handles conference realignment - indecisively. One minute you think they look good or are staying in the Big 12, the next they look like dog shit and want to SECede.

I really don't care if they stay or go, but I ask you all this... will we find another conference foe stupid enough to let us use a completely idiotic rivalry trophy of a telephone painted in Cyclone colors?

Game is on (CLONE ZONE BITCHES) and will cost you the low low cost of $8 if you don't already have access. Blame Mizzou - they declined the option to have the game aired on a real Tier 2 network. If you can't/don't want to pay for that, feel free to follow along here.