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Helmet Stickers - Week 6: Missouri

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Remember that feeling you had 3 weeks ago going into the Texas game?  I sure as hell hope you cherish that memory 
and hold onto it because it's not coming back anytime soon.  With back to back to back losses now, all by 23 points or more I don't have any hope left, aside from that upcoming Kansas game. 

The game yesterday versus Mizzou was just a pathetic display of football.  So pathetic, it actually became comical.  For statistical proof of such pathetic play...the Iowa State offense, with Jantz at the helm, managed to score three points.  Though I suppose for you silver lining folk out there that means we actually connected on a FG.  Take this loss however you want Cyclone fans, but for this guy, apathy has set in.



FINAL SCORE: IOWA STATE (3-3, 0-3) 17 MISSOURI (3-3, 1-2) 52


The Fans - C'mon did you honestly believe after yesterday's abortion I could award a helmet sticker to anyone on the offensive side of the ball?  I was talking to a friend and fellow Cyclone fan yesterday at the Keg Stand; Ken if you're reading this one is for you.  So Ken brought up a very good point which now results in the fans' first ever helmet sticker.  Keg Stand likely made mad monies yesterday, as that place was packed from the window to the wall, till sweat drop down my balls.  Even more impressive was the amount of Cyclone fans that stayed throughout that ass beating.  Everyone could easily have left and found something better and more constructive to do but they stayed.  That's a testament to the type of fans we have, something I'm SO PROUD of. 


A.J. Klein, LB - Klein kind of wins this one by default as he was the lone bright spot on defense yesterday.  I don't 
even have much to say about this so here's his stat line. 12 tackles, 4 of them solo.  He also had the big interception return for 78 yards and a touchdown to single handily outscore the starting offensive unit. 


Empty - Embarrassing I can't think of one more person on the team that deserves recognition.



Missouri Athletic Department - Middle finger to you Mizzou AD for not electing to be on television for this game and forcing Cyclone fans to watch the game on a fucking internet feed.  It's bad enough that in today's age there is one Big XII football game not on television each week, but you had to go and turn down a television spot because it was your homecoming.  Furthermore, your dumbass redneck, incest laden, hillbilly fans didn't even stay for the entire game.  By the looks of that stadium after halftime you would have thought Missouri was on the low end of the scoreboard.  GFY Mizzou, GFY.