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Iowa State-Texas Postgame Vent Thread

And so ends one of the more frustrating games to watch in recent Iowa State history. If any of you follow @widertnattylt on Twitter, I noted that the disparity between the two teams in the first half in terms of yardage was minimal, while the score did not reflect that. 

As we've mentioned before, playing a negative turnover margin can only work for so long... and this was the game where it came back to bite us in the ass. No excuses from me though, as good teams take care of the ball, while capitalizing on the mistakes of the other team, and Texas certainly did that. What a difference a year (and a change of coordinators) can do for a team. 

Hey, at least we totally won the second half though! 

Does this loss change your outlook for the season? Does it change your opinion of Steele Jantz? Vent away.