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WRNL Needs You!

To tell us whether or not Baylor still sucks ass.


Baylor donor lots, 2 hrs prior to kick-off, 2008

As you may remember from our Know Your Enemy, Baylor edition, I have tailgated at Baylor, and it was not pretty.  There were more Cyclone fans than Bear fans tailgating, and the few Baylor fans we met were mostly douche bags.  However, according to this guy, things have changed dramatically.  

We're asking any of our intrepid readers who may be venturing to Waco this weekend to report back on their experiences here at WRNL.  If you go to the game on Saturday, be sure to swing back by the site after you recover from your binge drinking and put up a fan shot about your experience.  Hopefully, we can eventually turn WRNL into the partying Clone fan's guide to the Big 12.