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WRNL Presents: Voices from the Boards

After every ISU football game, there has been a thread over on CycloneFanatic called "Voices In The Stands" where people post funny, dumb, or generally entertaining things they heard people saying during the game.  Well, much like the stands, CF becomes a complete and utter cesspool for emotional, irrational, and generally idiotic statements following games.  

Realizing how entertaining most of this crap is, we've decided to add a new feature to the site.  After each game, win or lose, we'll take a couple days to let things soak in and provide you with the week's best in fellow Cyclone stupidity.

We'll start it off with this doozy:

"Program killer"

This little guy came from the Texas game thread, suggesting that ISU's loss to Texas was in fact, a program killing loss.  Are you kidding me?  ISU was predicted by most pundits to have a rebuilding year and start 1-3.  We started 3-1.  Yeah, an opportunity was missed, but losing one game is not a program killer.  Getting relegated to the MWC is a program killer.  The OP is better than this.


Our next bowl of dumbfuck salad comes from a thread discussing the likely attendance for the rest of the season.  The following post is a prediction for attendance the rest of the season.  Keep in mind that we've had 55,000+ for the first 3 games this year:

"AM - 42,000


KU - 37,000


OSU - 30,000"


Classic example of ISU fans buying the complete and utter myth of poor attendance.  We have had 2 games in the Rhoads era under 42,000.  We haven't had a 37,000 type attendance since 2006, and that was still our lowest attendance in years at that point in time.  30,000?  You probably have to go back to the mid 90's for that.  Wake up dumb ass.


This next one is a personal favorite of mine.

"Is there any sort of lost and found for the tailgating lots, like with the ISU police or althletics or something?

I lost my sweatshirt in G2 and nobody I was tailgating with seems to have seen it disappear..."

Yeah dude.  There's a tailgate lost and found.  The bums that roam the lots after the game are so benevolent that they immediately report any lost clothing items to a nice little old lady in the Jacobson building who keeps track of all this shit.  He was even ready to file a police report.  For a fucking sweatshirt.  That he got drunk and lost at a football game.  That's almost as dumb as...


Sending emails to Jamie Pollard because we lost a football game?  Yes, Virginia.  Someone IS that dumb.

"About the performance in Saturday's game, please direct your emails to Jamie Pollard. He needs to get some pressure on getting his Football team disciplined. Coach Paul Rhoads is a guy with emotions - the kids will only do what the coaches' facial expressions justify. Rhoads took his hat off after Zac Guyer missed the field goal and you could tell his frustration. He needs to forget the momentary frustration and instead of giving our kicker the look, go upto him and tell him what he could do differently.

Please direct some constructive feedbacks to Jamie Pollard. The fans showed up BIG TIME this year even with the CONSISTENT inconsistencies in Iowa State team and ever-so-frustrating instability in BIG XII.

Iowa State Football knows no discipline and this NEEDS to stop NOW! I am starting to believe that the reason the Refs favor others in their calls is primarily because of our indisciplined team etc. Of course its just an assumption and I SO HOPE I AM WRONG WHEN I SAY THIS.

This is terrible, this idea.

Yeah.  We lost a game.  We looked sloppy.  We demand better performance, so we...  email the Athletic Director?  Because, you know, Jamie Pollard doesn't have more important things to worry about, like conference realignment.  I mean coaching a football team is one of an Athletic Director's usual responsibilities.

In a weekend full of overreaction, paranoia, lunacy, and just general dipshit-ed-ness, this one took the cake.  Way to go jack ass.


Remember that no matter what, win or lose, CycloneFanatic will always be loaded with borderline sociopaths and people who are several IQ points away from institutionalization.  And this will always make for entertaining reading.