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Iowa State-Baylor Postgame Thread

What a reversal of the usual gameplan for the Cyclones. Notoriously slow starters in their first 4 games, Iowa State got off to a hot start, only to eventually get bogged down. Baylor set a new school record with 37 first downs and Iowa State somehow missed 2 extra points.

The officiating was once again suspect, but other than the offsides on the onside kick (complete bullshit no matter how you look at it), it was more bad luck than Iowa State getting screwed. Robert Griffin's fumble/incompletion was a play that could have been ruled either way on the field, but unfortunately, was ruled a fumble instead of an incompletion.  The bad luck comes from not being able to assess an intentional grounding penalty on a review (or any penalty for that matter) so Baylor was let off the hook by regaining possession and not having to bear the burden of a mistake.

Would it all have mattered? Probably not, when a team can't stop the run up the middle (backup safety Durrell Givens racking up NINE tackles halfway through the game is never a good sign) and can't hit extra points. Paul Rhoads: "We missed two extra points at the Division I level, I'll just leave it at that." 

That about says it all.