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Helmet Stickers - Week 5: Baylor

You know that guy that tries to re-live his glory years and tries his damnedest to do things he could only do years ago?  I'm that guy with my alcohol consumption yesterday.  It all started harmlessly but quickly turned into a shit show after that damn Baylor game went downhill.  Going into that game, I honestly believed the Clones would prevail, crazy right?  I honestly believed our defense would be able to contain the Heisman candidate Robert Griffin III and since their defense is so piss poor, the Clones would move the ball and actually put up a high count on the scoreboard, crazy right?  So as the night progressed and my pre-game thoughts were not coming to fruition; my speech slurred, my vision blurred and now I'm wondering if I'll ever be cured from this massive hangover. 

I'll try my best to piece together the puzzle that is my brain and recall who stood out for the Cyclones last night. 


FINAL SCORE: IOWA STATE (3-2, 0-2) 26 BAYLOR (4-1, 1-1) 49


Darius "Money" Reynolds, WR - If there were two players I distinctly remember playing excellent games, they are Darius_reynolds_mediumDarius Reynolds, and the man that will soon claim the defensive helmet sticker.  Reynolds continues to play with a chip on his shoulder and prove he belongs at this level.  When he first came in to Iowa State three years ago he was dubbed the next legend on the internet message boards.  With injuries holding him back and a medical redshirt year he never lived up to that hype.  Now seemingly healthy, he's reminding us why that hype was ever built.  Reynolds put up All-Big XII type numbers last night with 7 receptions for 178 yards and he scored half of our team's touchdowns with two trips to paydirt.  No question, he and QB Steele Jantz have built a rapport with one another.



Jake Knott, LB - Again, I recall Jake Knott being all over the field last night, on what seemed like every tackle.   Though he truly was not in on every tackle, he did take down a Baylor Bear 18 times last night, 12 of those by himself.  Unfortunately, that's where his stat line ends (as if that's not impressive on its own).  He wasn't able to get a sack on the ever elusive RGIII nor was he able to get a tackle for loss, but 18 tackles!?!?  Kid plays the game right and leaves it all on the field.


Durrell Givens, DB - Givens found himself on the field a lot last night which is really the first time all year he's gotten Durrell_givens_mediumsignificant playing time.  Durrell joined the Cyclones two years ago from Chaffey Junior College.  He was thought to fill our needs at a shallow safety position but when he required a redshirt year in his first D-I season it was unknown to fans whether he'd be that guy to fill in for for NFL bound David Sims.  With his PT and stat line from last night, I think he might be a very serviceable safety for the remainder of the season and next.  That's music to Cyclone fans ears.  Last night he finished 3rd on the team in total tackles with ten and he recovered a fumble and almost took it back for six if only he could have broken one tackle.  Hats off to you Durrell.



Grant Mahoney - I hate to do this but at the same time I'm releasing some pent up aggression.  Grant Mahoney you Chizik_coin_medium
have lost all support from this often optimistic fan.  You managed to miss not one, but TWO extra points last night.  How can you be collecting a free ride through college as a kicker and miss two extra points in one game?  Meanwhile, I'm in debt up to my fucking ears in student loans and likely have more ability to make an extra point than you do.  After all, I was the holder for four years in high school, surely that equates to something right?  I'm done sticking up for you and since you don't know me I must point out, that lone fact speaks volumes.  Get your shit together man.