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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/14/11

Wrnlmidmorningdump_mediumIowa State

No football, but both the men and women were in action this weekend. The Men won over a scrappy Lehigh team by a deceivingly close 86-77 score, while the women beat the Huskies (Houston Baptist, not UConn) 73-33.

Iowa State begins the tour of Iowa tomorrow against Drake. I believe tickets are still available, so buy and fill the Knapp Center with cardinal and gold.

More good news: Mens' Basketball season ticket sales just broke the record set in 2007-2008, which is an increase of 20% over last year, and probably an 2385282752% increase over the last McDermott year.

Around College Football

BCS Rankings And Bowl Projections, Week 12. How Oklahoma's terrible loss to Texas Tech (beaten 159-33 over the last 3 weeks, this picture says it all) may keep them from climbing any further, even with a Bedlam win.

Here's Bo Pelini acting like a civilized human being, instead of screaming at refs and players while showing us the different shades of red his face is capable of. Taylor Martinez, on the other hand, was (allegedly) far less eloquent. Meanwhile, some Penn State fans are still being douchebags.

If You Watched No Sports This Weekend

Just watch these 5 videos:

1. DeAnthony Thomas LIGHT SPEED

2. Jeremy Lamb Dunk on Columbia

3. Joe Adams breaks 8 bajillion tackles, returns punt for TD

4. Stafford sucks, then starts fight in Lions-Bears game

5. Penn State-Nebraska Pregame Prayer at Midfield