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WRNL Trivia Part II

As we teased yesterday on Twitter and Facebook, we are going to be doing trivia the next two days to giveaway two sets of tickets to the Oklahoma State game on Friday night.  The winner of today's contest will get one pair and the winner of tomorrow's contest will get the second pair.

Rules are simple but read them and follow them to ensure you have a chance of winning.

1. WRNL writers are not eligible.  Granted, none of them know the answers yet but this should just go without saying.  We don't need anymore degenerates in that stadium do we?

2. Answers should be provided in the comments.  The first complete set of answers that is correct wins

3. Answer every part of a question completely.  A few questions have multiple answers to them.

4. In the event of a tie (i.e., two people post the same answers at the same time) we will have a mindbreaking tiebreaker question courtesy of Kirk Haaland and Encyclonepedia.  If we don't use his questions today, we will be sure to use one or two tomorrow.

Questions after the jump.

UPDATE: We have a winner!  Check the comments for the right answers and the winner.  Check in tomorrow morning for the next round and the last pair of tickets.

1.  How much dick did McDermott suck?





2.  Iowa State has played a team ranked #1 or #2 in Ames eight times and has never won.  Who was the last team ranked #1 or #2 to play in Ames, when did they play and what was the score?

3.  Of those eight match ups with a #1 or #2 team, what was the smallest margin of defeat and who did it occur against?

4. This Cyclone defensive player caught a touchdown against Missouri in 2008.

5. A.J. Klein now holds the all-time Cyclone record for TAINTs with three.  What three players held the previous TAINT record and who is he currently tied with in career defensive TDs?