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WRNL Trivia Part III

Today we finish our series of trivia questions for the chance to win a pair of tickets to the Oklahoma State game on Friday night in Ames.  Congratulations to craigbrackins21 for winning yesterday's competition. FYI, the tickets come in PDF format, so you don't have to worry about us assaulting you during a meetup, Jason Berryman style.

A quick refresher of the rules:

1. WRNL writers are not eligible.  Granted, none of them know the answers yet but this should just go without saying.  We don't need anymore degenerates in that stadium do we?

2. Answers should be provided in the comments.  The first complete set of answers that is correct wins

3. Answer every part of a question completely.  A few questions have multiple answers to them.

4. In the event of a tie (i.e., two people post the same answers at the same time) we will have a mindbreaking tiebreaker question courtesy of Kirk Haaland and Encyclonepedia.  Questions #3 and #4 are courtesy of Kirk today and will take some quality research to get the right answer.  I have provided a hint in each question about which decade these answers could possibly come from.

Questions after the jump.

1.     Should Scott Christopherson be playing PG?

     a.     NO

     b.    NO

     c.    FUCK NO

     d.    Only if McDermott came back

2.     Steele Jantz’s seven touchdowns in his first two starts were the most since whom?

3.     When Iowa State has played a Top 10 team (98 games) what is the all time lowest team passer rating that the ISU defense has held the opponent to? Name the team, year of the game, and the passer rating. (Hint: 1970s or 1980s)

4.     Iowa State has played 159 games versus Top 20 teams in school history; in which game did the opponent throw interceptions on the highest percentage of pass attempts? Name the team, year of the game, and correct percentage. (Hint: 1960s or 1970s)

5.     In the last 12 years, what was Iowa State’s highest finish in the Sagarin Rankings?  List the ranking, year and final record. 

Get to researching and provide your answers in the comments below!