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Helmet Stickers - Week 10: Oklahoma State

Euphoric?  Hell, I was euphoric after the 2nd biggest home win of the year against Iowa.  When Jeff Woody crossed the goal line to secure the best win in Iowa State football history, I didn't even know how I felt or what to do.  Confusion, excitement, shock, and a splitting headache from a mixture of too much booze and a whole lot of yelling.  How did you feel after this one?  Am I the only one that didn't know how to react?  We just got done beating the #2 team in the nation and here I was looking like a deer in headlights.  Now...regret.  I regret not rushing the field after one of those "Where were you when" moments.  Rushing the field or not, I will forever remember the day Iowa State beat the Cowboys of Oklahoma State. Finally we got to witness one of those Paul Rhoads famous upset victories in the confines of our very own Jack Trice Stadium. 

Let's take a look at some of the many things we managed to accomplish last night shall we?  I think so.

  1. Beat Oklahoma State, #2 team in the nation
  2. Celebrated (in person) for one of these big wins
  3. Slashed Oklahoma State's chances of a national championship appearance
  4. Completely fucked up the BCS system
  5. Ruined Brandon Weeden's Heisman opportunity
  6. Attained bowl eligibility for the 2nd time in the three year Paul Rhoads tenure


IOWA STATE (6-4, 3-4) 37 OKLAHOMA STATE (9-1, 6-1) 31

Helmet Stickers awarded after the jump



Jared Barnett, QB - How can I not give him a helmet sticker.  Kid is 3-0 as a starter and just went head to head with Goliath, and won.  The game plan really threw me for a loop, as I figured we'd try to dominate on the ground.  Instead, Jared chucked the ball a whopping 58 times (same exact amount of attempts as, once Heisman hopeful, Brandon Weeden).  Of those 58 passing attempts he completed a respectable 31 which results in a 53% completion percentage.  The percentage leaves a bit to be desired still but he did throw for 376 yards and three touchdowns.  He set career highs in completions (31), attempts (58), passing yards (376), passing touchdowns (3), total plays (72) and total offense (460). I keep saying it but I keep coming away more and more impressed with Barnett's poise.  He's all of 19 years old, a redshirt freshman, yet he stepped in mid season to take the reigns and has led ISU to three straight wins.  He won't blow you away, but he most definitely gets it done.



Leonard Johnson, DB - Before I get into LJ, let me give some props to the ENTIRE defensive unit.  Very gutty performance against one of the best offenses in the nation, if not the best.  The defense is the reason we won that game, no questions.  Sure they gave up a lot of yards but they did two things other teams haven't been able to do against OSU; force turnovers/win the turnover battle and limit their time in the endzone.  Only 17 offensive points were given up in regulation.  17 points given up to a team that averaged 52 points per game coming in.  Wally Burnham and this defense all deserve a helmet sticker, but if I must pick one guy it's LJ.  Matched up on, arguably, the best wide receiver in college football all game, Leonard seemed to be in the middle of a lot of big plays and even more importantly, seemed to lock down Justin Blackmon.  Sure, Blackmon ended the game with 10 catches and 99 yards but only once can I remember him actually making a big play on LJ, and a spectacular catch and score it was.  Outside of that, though, LJ won the battle and in the game's sake, the war.  Johnson ended the game with 5 solo tackles.  He thought it would be a good idea to pick a ball off and recover a fumble too.  That's one hell of a way to end your final game at Jack Trice Stadium Leonard.



Albert Gary, WR - While it recently became public knowledge that Gary has run into some legal issues dating back to earlier this year, he certainly didn't let it bother him last night.  That's now a few consecutive games in which Albert has been a go-to receiver for Jared Barnett.  He's quickly becoming our featured threat through the air which is welcomed news being that he has a lot of eligibility left (assuming no future legal ramifications).  Albert brought in 7 receptions and broke the century mark with 107 yards.  He also secured the touchdown grab to tie the score late in the 4th quarter and bring everybody in the house to their feet. 

P.S. I love how Albert rocks the bald head with beard look a la DMX.



BCS System - Nothing about Oklahoma State to poke fun at, in fact they are one of my favorite Big Twelve brothers.  Our friends over at Cowboys Ride For Free are great guys, and after our live chat on Thursday I wish them and the Cowboys nothing but the best in their quest for a national championship.  As soon as I say that, I'm going enjoy this victory and all the turmoil it causes the BCS system.  I hate the BCS.  I'm in complete favor of abolishing it and moving toward a playoff structure where teams prove their worth on the field instead of in a computer or in a voters opinion.  Who doesn't want to see LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Boise State, Oregon, Houston, and Stanford actually battle it out on the field to see who the best team is?  Every other sport handles it this way, I still don't understand why CFB can't do the same.  Here's to hoping the curse of the Chizik coin does kill the BCS.