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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/02/11

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Wrnlmidmorningdump_mediumThe Mid-Morning (Link) Dump is a long overdue feature that will provide you with toilet reading/watching material. If you have any links to add, feel free to comment. Since I don't get enough fiber in my diet, not unlike the rest of America, these dumps will likely be irregular in nature.

Iowa State

Want to see the Iowa State fight song done right? The Iowa Statesmen give us a performance medley of ISU fight songs.

Go Cyclones - Coaches hope Saturday’s Hollis sticks around - 101 yards for Duck against Texas Tech, 9 yards the rest of the season. Yeah, I'd say this version is better.

CFTV: Arnaud’s Clipboard – Understand The Zone-read | Cyclone Fanatic. Say what you will about Austen Arnaud, but the man could definitely run a zone read. He diagram this on CFTV (Which I hear is available in a tier along with WRNL TV. Contact your local cable or satellite provider)

Go Cyclones - Kevin Jackson’s Media Day Soundbites

Iowa State wrestling: Cyclones banking on history, hope | The Des Moines Register. Reminders of Iowa State's wrestling history stare Michael Moreno and Kyven Gadson in the face each time they enter the Cyclones' practice room.

Around The Big 12

MU chancellor delays trip; still no decision on SEC. I think I speak for everyone when I say, just GTFO Mizzou. No hard feelings, but we all know what you're going to do, so do it already.

Big 12 sees WVU as a member in 2012 - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
Chuck Neinas showed up in Morgantown to declare that he expects WVU to play in the Big 12 by 2012. Meanwhile, the legal wrangling between the Big East and WVU continues.

In sort of Big 12 news, Tulane is looking at hiring Rich Rodriguez or Mike Leach to fill their head coaching vacancy, Dream big or go home, Green Wave.

SB Nation

As usual, Bill Connelly's The Numerical, Week 9: 12 Quarterbacks Equal One Case Keenum, and Spencer Hall's The Alphabetical, Week 10: The Home Stretch Beckons, which features no fart jokes this week. Sad.

Here are SB Nation's 2011 Bowl Projections. Interesting to note that neither Iowa school is in there. I think even the biggest Hawk hater would favor them vs. Purdue, so I'm not quite understanding this.


To cap it off, here's Kevin Durant playing some flag football for those who haven't seen it.