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The Mid-Morning Dump - 11/21/11

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Wrnlmidmorningdump_medium Iowa State Football

Nothing to see here folks, just another weekend. Oh, you say it wasn't? Well then, WIDE RIGHT! WIDE RIGHT! Here's David Ubben and Andy Staples on our favorite BCS busters. Jared Barnett was nominated for ESPN's All American of the week, and his performance left even the seniors on the team impressed. On the defensive side of the ball, AJ Klein was selected as the Big 12 Defensive Player Of The Week.

Everyone's seen the big plays, but Kirk Haaland takes a look at the little plays that made the upset possible

Really have to complement the Iowa State Daily for their special edition Saturday. Great editing, great pictures.


Iowa State Basketball

Royce White struggled a bit, but Chris Babb and Tyrus McGee picked up the slack, in a somewhat dicey 92-60 win over Western Carolina.

The women also won yesterday, 65-41 over Northern Arizona. Super ginger Chelsea Poppens led the way with an 18 point, 11 rebound performance.


Around College Football

Of course, other stuff did happen around the country. As everyone else decided to crap their own pants, #1 LSU continued to dominate, culminating in Les Miles taking 4 straight kneel downs with 5 minutes left in the game. LES THE MERCIFUL.

Here's USA Today's Sagarin conference ratings, for the next time a Big Ten homer tries to tell you the Big Ten is better than the Big 12.

Here's a BCS bowl projection, and also a complete bowl games projection. I'm totally up for the TicketCity Bowl... would be awesome to spend New Years in Dallas and play a bowl game at the Cotton Bowl. I actually like a lot of the matchups listed here, but if the Big 10 gets 2 BCS participants I'm liable to strangle somebody. Iowa vs. Baylor would be immensely entertaining, and Texas A&M vs. Nebraska in the traitor bowl would be awesome. Watch DeLoss Dodds blow up the place while the game is going on.

We may have stormed the field Saturday and stayed there for like 2 hours, but Baylor wins the dedication award for this chick on crutches storming hobbling the field.


And.... one more video of the most amazing Friday night in Iowa State history.